Secure online payments with "3D secure"

In our e-commerce store we use the safety measure 3D Secure for online credit card payments. By using this payment system we add an additional authentication step for payments and thereby improve the security of the transactions. The system uses a password that the card issuer validates and that all parties involved in the online transaction checks.

Thereby the cardholder is protected against unauthorised use of the credit card.


I have cancelled my order, so why is the amount still reserved on my credit card?

Important information regarding online orders paid with MasterCard, MasterCard Debit or VISA Electron that are NOT completed:

When you place the order, your card issuer reserves the amount on your account. This happens automatically even if the order is cancelled immediately. The amount will stay reserved for a period of time that depends on your arrangement with your bank before it is released.

Unfortunately, SoundStoreXL does not have the opportunity to do anything to release the amount, as the payment will be deleted with us as soon as the order is cancelled, and we have no access to the money. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for our customers, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do and we therefore kindly ask you to contact your bank with questions regarding this matter.