Shure BLX24RE/B58-S8

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Shure BLX24RE/B58-S8

  • This wireless microphone set from Shure is incredibly easy to set up. At the same time, you get professional quality and a wide selection of microphones in the BLX series.
  • The BLX4R receiver is solidly built and comes with rackmount kit to either mount a single BLX4R or two pieces side by side.
  • The S8 band is from 823-832 MHz and is legal to use throughout Denmark.
  • This version with Shure Beta58 microphone
  • You can choose between sets with either sm58, beta58 or pg58 microphone.

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  • High quality and simple design
  • Easy setup
  • Incl. rackmount kit


Model/Product no.: S-BLX24RE/B58-S8
EAN: 042406255011