Empty cable drum (size XL)

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Empty cable drum size. XL


  • Lightweight reel
  • Easy to adapt to your needs
  • Metal stand


A strong lightweight cable reel for audio cables or power cables. The centre plate can be removed and suitable connectors fitted to accommodate most types of audio and power cables. Keep track of your long cables with this easy, simple and inexpensive solution.

This cable drum can hold these lengths of cables:

7mm = 160m
8mm = 120m
10mm = 80m
12mm = 55m
15mm = 36m
Dimensions: 390 x 320 x 210mm
Weight 2.1Kg


The XL cable drum is also suitable for other applications than cables and long wires - for example water hoses, wires, ropes and ropes.

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  • Large cable reel for your own cables.
  • Sturdy metal frame and handle.
  • The centre cover can be removed and provides space for mounting contacts.
  • Dimensions: 390 x 320 x 210 mm.


Model/Product no.: REEL-XL
EAN: 5055177157151
Type Cables

7mm: 160m
8mm: 120m
10mm: 80m
12mm: 55m
15mm: 36m
Dimensions: 390 x 320 x 210mm
Weight: 2.1Kg