UV paint for clothes 10 ml.

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UV Fabric Paint

This quality UV fabric paint ensures great results when it comes to decorating textiles, t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags. Available in a multitude of UV Colours that glow under UV lighting.


  • High quality binder gives the paint a great consistency and permanence once you've used the iron on back.
  • Easy to mix with other paints
  • Transparent packaging with handy application nozzle for easy application


Get luminescent clothes

Creative fun for all ages; these permantent uv fabric paints contain 10ml of products and are particularly easy to use as they come with a handy built-in nozzle. The UV fabric paints come in many ultra-bright neon colours and are highly visible in both natural light and under UV lighting.

To ensure the best effect, apply the paint directly from the tube, then allow it to dry and finally iron onto the back of the garment with an iron. Alternatively, the paint can be diluted with water to more easily design stunning effects. PaintGlow's uv paint for fabric can be washed at up to 60 degrees.
Therefore, please note that the UV paint does not normally come off in the wash.

* Note that the colour "caramel" has a light brown caramel colour in daylight, but lights up in a nice golden colour when under uv light as the brownish colour cannot be seen in uv lighting

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  • White (UV active)

    Model/Product no.: UV-STOFMALING-HVID

  • Model/Product no.: UV-STOF-BRUN

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  • Easily applied directly to clothing with the easy-to-use tube.
  • After application, the paint should dry and can then be ironed on the back.
  • Cannot be washed off the garment again.