Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit

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Yamaha New Recording Custom

  • This series sounds absolutely legendary. The New Recording Custom series is available in several different colours and sizes. Contact us for more info.
  • 100% birch wood boilers
  • 6-ply with dark brown paint on the inside.
  • Beautiful black finish
  • 30 edges
  • 1.6mm triple flanged reifer
  • Comes with coated Remo  Ambassador on top and clear on bottom.
  • Big drum with Powerstroke 3 on the impact side and Smooth White Ambassador on the front.
  • Note: without snare drum, cymbals and hardware

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  • Yamaha's most legendary series is back.
  • NOTE: without snare drum, cymbals and hardware


Model/Product no.: YAM_RECORDING-CUS



Lug Newly designed weighted high-tension lug (one piece)
Shell 100% Birch 6 layer (with dark brown paint inside)
Bearing Edge 30 degrees / R1.5
TT/FT Hoop Triple Flange Rim (Steel 1.6mm)
TT/FT Head Top: Remo US Coated Ambassador, Bottom: Remo US Clear Ambassador
BD Hoop Wooden hoop
BD Head Front: Remo Smooth White PS3 with Yamaha Logo, Hide: Remo PS3 Coated (only on 18" BD Remo Coated Ambassador)
Tom Mount Y.E.S. System
FT Bracket Open
BD Leg Convertible