Yamaha 14x6,5" Recording Custom Alu Lillet Drum

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Yamaha 14x6,5" Recording Custom Alu

  • Cool little drum from the legendary Recording Custom Series with a nice vintage alumunium design.
  • New and innovative Q-type sealing system.
  • Designed in collaboration with Steve Gadd.
  • Classic Remo drumhead and 3mm cast aluminium rim and tension housing give this snare drum a warm, open and dry tone.
  • Smart and fast Q-type throw-off mechanism makes it easy to adjust tension, even while playing.
  • The stylish matte aluminum look fits into any drum setup.

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  • Modern snare drum
  • Warm, open and dry sound
  • New Q-type side system and throw off


Model/Product no.: RAS1465
EAN: 4957812601207
  • 1,2mm aluminium drum. Dry and sensitive drum with lots of kick! 
  • Finish: Hairline Clear
  • Molded reefs like give lots of slap in the drum. 
  • 20 strings high carbon seiding.
  • Comes with Ambassador Hazy on the bottom and Ambassador coated on the top.
  • Yamaha Q Type Sealing System.