Zildjian K Pelvic Package

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K Zildjian is hammered using a unique method that gives cymbals a dry, low pitch and a brilliant sound character. Depending on how they are played, they can have either an intense or a more mature sound. The K series has long been popular in jazz circles, but also among funk and rock drummers. Pre-packs K0800 ? 14" K' Hi-hat ? 16" K' Dark Thin Crash? 20" K' Ride ? 18" K' Dark Thin Crash also included at no extra charge

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  • Package consisting of:
  • K Hihat
  • 16" K Dark Thin Crash
  • 20" K Ride
  • 18" K Dark Thin Crash


Model/Product no.: 1810800
EAN: 642388306680