Protection Racket 16x16" Floor Dust Bag

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Protection Racket

  • Drum bags that can take the road in all kinds of weather. 
  • Projection Racket is an uncompromising company from Cornwall, England that started out making bags for water sports. Surf-people have high demands for equipment durability, and Protection Racket found a way to meet them with new ideas.
  • Musicians are equally demanding of quality, so it was natural that Protection Racket used their technology to make all types of gig bags too. 
  • Protection Racket are manufactured in virtually EVERY size imaginable . We have chosen to showcase the most common of them. Write to us if you want other sizes.

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  • Softcases with heavy specially developed, water-repellent padding.
  • These cases ensure optimal protection for your drums. 
  • All bags come in "Rims" version, which means that the bag is slightly wider and has space for rim suspension. 


Model/Product no.: 2016-00
EAN: 847792000388