Painting 250 ml.

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Painting 250 ml.

If you want to use a door, a part of the wall or something else as a black chalkboard, you need chalkboard paint.
If you paint the desired object with Creall chalkboard paint, you can then write with chalk directly on your new chalkboard, as it then acts as a chalkboard.
The chalkboard paint should be applied in several layers for better coverage. You can write on the black chalkboard with ordinary chalk and wipe it out again. Exactly like on the blackboard in school. With this chalkboard paint you get a whole 250 ml of paint that covers well. It takes about 100 ml for one square meter so if you paint with 2 coats of chalkboard paint, the 250 ml should be enough for about one square meter.

Good luck with the "production" of your chalkboard.

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  • Acrylic chalkboard paint
  • Very good hiding power
  • Chalkboard paint used on cardboard, wood, metal, walls etc.
  • Apply 2 coats - 1 coat on each joint for best coverage
  • Can be written on with chalk after drying (24 hours)
  • Clean the board with plain water
  • Consumption: 100 ml per m2 per coat


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