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Why use a sound card or audio interface?

A sound card or audio interface is used when recording musical instruments and vocals through a computer. There are many types of audio interfaces on the market, but typically there is the option to connect jack, XLR or phono cables. If you have a small home studio or a mobile studio, many people prefer USB audio interfaces such as Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, as it is easy to connect and use.

Good selection of sound cards and interfaces

Here you will find our selection of audio interfaces and sound cards. If you need an external sound card for playing or recording your music, you can find it here.

An audio interface is an important part of a recording studio. The audio interface allows your computer and analog devices to work together, reducing delays and ensuring high sound quality. An audio sound card is basically a device that allows a computer to send and receive audio data to and from devices outside the computer.

On the computer, the sound is digital, while the sound from a synth or microphone is analog. The audio interface thus converts the incoming analog signals to digital sound and vice versa when the sound is transferred to headphones or studio monitors.

An important characteristic of the audio interface is that it is polyphonic. Polyphony is the ability to process and output multiple independent voices or sounds simultaneously.

Easy to connect

We have a good selection of external sound cards and audio interfaces for DJ use and music production. Most sound cards have easy plug-and-play connectivity via USB, so if you need to record music on the go on your laptop or Macbook, these external sound cards are the obvious choice.

Audio interfaces at the best price

Our great selection of sound cards and audio interfaces consists of quality brands. Buy your sound card or audio interface at SoundStoreXL