SoundStoreXL Gift cards (e-mail)

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Pricematch and safe delivery

On e-mail

Model/Product no.: GiftCard

The gift voucher will be sent to you by email, so you don't have to wait for the post. Of course free of charge !


With over 50,000 products online, success is guaranteed when you buy a gift card to SoundStoreXL
And with our price match concept you can be sure that the gift card recipient gets the most for the gift card amount. 

Here's how you do it

1. Enter the amount you want to give as a gift in the field "amount of gift card"

2. Enter the name of the person who will receive the gift card in the field "name of recipient"

3. In the field "message to recipient" you can for example write a congratulation

4. Press "add to basket" and complete the order in the webshop. 

5. Once the order is paid, we will send the gift voucher to your e-mail. From here you can choose to print the gift card or send it by e-mail. 

6. The gift card contains a discount code which must be entered in the webshop when the recipient wishes to use the gift card.

Note: The gift card has no expiry date. Only one gift voucher can be used per order.

The perfect gift idea

A gift card is the perfect gift idea when the recipient does not know exactly what equipment to put on the wish list. It often takes some thought before you know what equipment is right for you. With a gift card in hand, you have both the financial and time freedom to make the right choice the first time. 

Several of our products are in price ranges that are probably outside most people's gift budgets. Therefore, the gift voucher is an obvious opportunity to give the obstetrician, boyfriend, husband, wife or colleague a grant for the equipment he/she is looking for. 

Buy the gift voucher now. We will send it by email as soon as we have received your payment, and of course you do not pay any shipping on the order :-)