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Drums belong to the group of percussion instruments and are an indispensable part of music in a wide range of musical genres.

When choosing your new drum kit, you can choose from a wide variety of drums, and there are basically two types of drums: acoustic drums and electric drums (there are many names for drums, so they are also called electric drums or electronic drums).

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The history of the drum in brief

The drum kits used by today's musicians are the result of a long development process. The first drums saw the light of day thousands of years ago, and over time, many different types of drums have been invented from different materials and in different cultures around the world. Early drums were used for religious rituals, to play music and also as a means of communication.

In the 1890s, drums began to be put together in sets to save space, and this is where the drum kit we know today originated. As technology evolved and electronics became more and more widespread, the electronic drum kit appeared in pop music in the 1980s, and e-drums are often used alongside acoustic drums on stage and in the studio.

What are the differences between electric and acoustic drums?

Electric drums consist of a synthesizer that emits a sound similar to acoustic drums. An acoustic drum kit consists of a series of drums on stands, while an electric drum kit consists of pads with rubber striking surfaces. These pads have sensors on them that send an electronic signal when they are struck, and this signal is relayed to the drum kit's module, which emits the sound that matches the drum you hit.

Electric drums also differ from acoustic drums in terms of space, as they are often more compact. They also tend to weigh a lot less and are easier to handle and move, making it easier to pack them up and transport them to the next gig.

Electronic and acoustic drums also differ in sound. The electric version uses recorded sounds that play when you hit a pad, so you can't get the same sounds as an acoustic drum. Another difference is that you can adjust the sound level with electric drums. It's important to note that the sound quality is dependent on the amplifier and other equipment you use with your electric drums. Here with us, you'll find a wide range of high-quality accessories.

Finally, the two drum types differ in terms of noise levels. Electric drums don't emit much noise because you hear the sound through headphones. Therefore, you can practice playing the drums without disturbing your surroundings.

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