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If you need a fog machine, here you will find Denmark's largest selection - everything from the cheap models and up to the professional fog machines for discos, nightclubs and event companies.

A fog machine is an almost indispensable item when you're throwing a party and need smoke in the room. fog machines can also be used to create a thin haze that enhances light shows or to create a low, thick fog on a stage.

What is a fog machine?

Before you buy a fog machine, it's first and foremost important to know where and how you intend to use it and what smoke effect you want to achieve. There are several types of smokers and smoking liquids, each with their own unique strengths. In short, there are five main categories of smoke effect machines, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

The machine uses a heater to heat the smoke fluid, which is blown out as smoke. Many people call it a smoke cannon, but this is not the correct term for the types used in stage, theater and music environments. Smoke cannons are most commonly associated with alarm and intrusion protection in businesses or private homes.

fog machines are increasingly used at all times of the year, so an event like Halloween is a great time for smoke to add a little spookiness.

What should I consider when buying a fog machine?

When buying a fog machine, it's important to first decide what kind of smoke effect you want to achieve. Do you want the fog machine to create a curtain of smoke over a stage; fill a room with thick smoke; create a thin fog to enhance your light show or something else?

Next, you should know how large an area the fog machine is expected to cover? Obviously, the larger the room, the more you'll need to invest. Either you need a fog machine with more watts or you need more fog machines. When it comes to the ability of each fog machine to produce smoke, it is of course a question of the quality of both the machine and the smoke fluid. A good rule of thumb is that the more watts the fog machine produces, the greater the strength of the heater, which in turn increases the production of smoke. In this context, the quality of the smoker also determines how often the heater needs to be reheated and how quickly this happens.

The choice of smoke fluid is relatively limited, as it is always recommended to buy the manufacturer's own smoke fluid. In most cases, the warranty on the smoker is void if other than the manufacturer's own smoke fluid is used.

Depending on the purpose of the fog machine, it is also relevant to consider how the fog machine should be activated and whether it should stand or hang. It is very important to remember that the smoke is very hot when it comes out of the fog machine, so it must be kept out of reach of people regardless of the purpose it is to serve. All fog machines can be activated directly on the fog machine, but often the best location for the fog machine is out of reach of the operator. Therefore, you may want to consider either purchasing a remote control or ensuring that the fog machine can be controlled via DMX.
Note that certain types of smoke alarms can be affected by thick smoke from smoke fluids.

A fog machine - can it be bought too cheaply?

Yes, you can buy a cheap fog machine too cheaply, in the sense that it is not particularly durable and reliable. If you need it for a small party in a banquet hall or guild hall, a small cheap fog machine can be a great solution. As long as you don't buy one of those useless little fog machines from toy stores. If you need a more reliable fog machine, you should buy a professional machine, which can easily be inexpensive. See for yourself on our webshop :-)
If you need smoke for your mobile disco, you need to buy a machine with a heater of at least 900 watts, otherwise it won't be able to produce enough smoke.
At SoundStoreXL we have lots of small cheap mini fog machines, but in reliable quality, so if you are looking for a small fog machine, then the same as above applies - you should choose your store carefully :-)
We are happy to help you make your choice when buying a fog machine and associated smoke fluid, and of course this also applies to those who want guidance on buying a machine for inspecting leaks in houses and other building parts, ventilation systems, pipes, sewers and places where a powerful machine can deliver a large amount of smoke in a short time.

Different types of fog machines and power machines:

A fog machine: fills the room with smoke of varying density depending on the thickness of the smoke fluid used. Works by a heater heating a smoke fluid consisting of glycol or glycerine and water. The vaporized smoke liquid is blown out of a nozzle and condenses into smoke when it meets the colder air.

A hazer fills the room with a light mist that often cannot be seen, but instead is used to enhance light shows. Works by atomizing an oil or water-based smoke liquid, creating tiny particles that are blown into the room. Also called a fog machine

A Fazer fills the room with a light fog (although thicker than the fog from a hazer) that often cannot be seen, but is instead used to enhance light shows. In short, it is a "fake" hazer, i.e. a fazer. Instead of using an oil-based smoke fluid, the fazer uses a regular water-based glycol smoke fluid.

Dry ice machine: Creates a heavy and dense smoke that stays near the floor. Uses solid CO2, also known as dry ice, which turns into a dense smoke when it comes into contact with warmer air.
However, this type of fog machine is considered inferior to the other types and is most often used for home use or if the budget is tight.

Low Fog fog machine

Commonly referred to as a "Low fogger" - It creates a heavy and dense smoke that stays close to the floor.
Works like a regular fogger, except that the smoke is cooled before it is blown out, which causes it to blanket the floor instead of rising upwards.

A few tips for your fog machine

Keep an eye on the smoke fluid tank in the machine. It should not be run completely empty. Firstly, there is a greater risk of impurities being drawn from the tank and into the fog machine's pump. Secondly, the pump is often damaged if you try to pump smoke fluid from an empty tank.

Use good quality smoke fluid. You can get very cheap smoke fluid that contains plain water instead of distilled water. This type of fog machine fluid contains lime scale, which builds up on the heater and shortens the lifespan of your fog machine.

Also remember to clean your fog machine regularly with a special cleaning fluid designed for this purpose.

More fun with your fog machine

There are also a few "tricks" to get a little more fun out of your fog machine.
Try buying fragrance for the smoke fluid, which gives the smoke a scent of cola, cherries or something completely different.

You can also buy smoke fluid with CO2 effect, which you don't see very often.
There are also smoke machines that can produce "low smoke" - a so-called low fog machine. The smoke cools down again right after heating and the smoke settles low along the floor.

There are also fog machines that make "vertical smoke" where the machine shoots the smoke up instead of out the front. Therefore, you get vertical smoke that is distributed differently in the room.

Here you will find our guide to buying a fog machine. The guide gives you all the basic knowledge you need to decide if a traditional fog machine is what you need or if you should look at a hazer, a fazer or a dry ice machine.

Where should I place my fog machine?

Depending on the model and type of fog machine, there are several different options for placing your fog machine. A Low Fog can be placed near the floor, whereas other machines can be hung up. Of course, it also depends to a large extent on the space you have available. In any case, make sure that the room is evenly distributed with smoke and that the location of the fog machine is safe. In addition, make sure that it is easy to refill the fog machine with smoke fluid when it runs out.

Be aware that the fog machine can get hot under drift, and that it should therefore be placed/hung in a place where there is no direct access for guests to avoid damage. The smoke can also get very hot in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle. You also need to be careful when operating the fog machine. For this reason, it's a good idea to place the machine in a safe place near the dance floor and control it with a remote control. This way you can be more flexible and don't have to be near the fog machine all the time.

Is the fog machine ready to use right away?

As the smoke fluid must evaporate in order to produce smoke, the heater must first reach a certain temperature. This can take a few minutes. After that, you can immediately turn on the machine and blow out smoke at regular intervals, provided you've already added enough liquid. Depending on the model, fog machines have internal or external tanks. However, refilling is a breeze with both versions.

How do I operate a fog machine?

In principle, you control a fog machine via buttons on the back of it. But because you can also place the machine in a different location than where you normally stay, it can make sense to control the fog machine with a remote control or via DMX.

Is a fog machine dangerous?

The smoke blown out of a fog machine consists only of water or oil compounds with glycerine or glycol. None of this is harmful. At drift, a fog machine generates heat due to the heater, and you should keep this in mind when deciding where to place it. The smoke can also be hot when it is blown out of the nozzle. Therefore, both you and your guests should keep a safe distance from the machine.

To make it easier to operate the fog machine, you can buy remote controls as an accessory. The heater in newer fog machines automatically switches off when the machine measures a low level of smoke fluid. For machines that do not have this feature, you should keep a close eye on the smoke fluid level to prevent damage to the pump or overheating.

Can I also use a fog machine at home for private use?

Yes, you can without any problems. However, you should take into account that some smoking liquids can leave a slightly sticky residue after the smoke has evaporated. It can therefore be an advantage to remove, for example, fabric furniture before use.

Are the emissions from a fog machine dangerous?

The smoke from a fog machine is usually completely harmless. However, you should take into account that it can cause irritation for asthmatics, just like any other smoke. The smoke fluid consists of a mixture of water and the harmless glycerine or glycol. When heated and then combined with cold air, microscopically fine glycol droplets are formed, resulting in a fine smoke.


Can you use the fog machine indoors in private homes?

Yes, you can. However, you should be aware that certain smoke liquids form a sticky film when the smoke dissolves, and it is therefore recommended to remove fabric furniture

Can the smoke from a fog machine be harmful?

The smoke from a fog machine is completely harmless. However, you should be aware that it can be an irritation for asthmatics, just like any other smoke.

fog machine for Halloween?

Yes, the fog machines we have can be used in a Halloween decoration - just don't let it get wet. We also have fog machines with lights that can give a good effect.

The smoke fluid consists of a mixture of water and glycerine or ethylene glycol, which forms a fine mist of microscopic glycol droplets when heated and then exposed to cooler air.

Blowers for smoke

Do you have a fog machine but need a solution where the smoke generated from the smoke fluid is dispersed faster and the smoke is more constant? Then a fan is a great solution. With a fan for a fog machine, you ensure that the smoke reaches all corners of the room faster. Place the fog machine behind the fan intake and achieve a longer smoke effect and greater dispersion.

See our large selection of cheap fog machine fluid