Here you will find your new DJ mixer, which is used between one or more players, turntables, groove boxes, samplers or midi controllers. If you are looking for a mixer you can connect to your computer, then you need a DJ controller. See our selection of DJ controllers here, or read more about DJ mixers here

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DJ-mixers We have a wide range of different DJ equipment for sale, such as DJ mixers (also known as DJ mixing desks), which you can find on this page. If you're looking for a new DJ mixer to take your next show at a disco or nightclub to the next level with a new DJ mixer, you've come to the right place.

Below we have gathered our answers to a number of questions about DJ mixers, and we start by taking a closer look at what a DJ mixer is.

What is a DJ mixer?

The purpose of a DJ mixer is, as the name suggests, to mix different audio signals. With the DJ mixer, you can process several different types of signals from e.g. players and microphones, adjust their volume and combine them into a unified and mixed output. A DJ mixer is the device that creates transitions between signals from e.g. microphones and recorded sound from the player and mixes them into a unified output.

DJThe mixer is one of the most important elements in how your DJ kit and DJ productions will sound, and it's important that you find a good mixer that suits your level and style.

Generally speaking, there are three types of mixers:

  • Scratch DJ mixer
  • Club DJ-mixer
  • All-round DJ mixer

A scratch DJ mixer mixes sound from vinyl records that are manipulated by spinning them back and forth to create a distinctive scratchy sound. The scratch mixer is known from the hip hop scene, where scratching vinyls became popular, especially in the 80s.

Unlike the scratch mixer, theClub DJ mixer cannot mix vinyl. The Club DJ mixer is suitable for DJ¥ing at a disco, where the energy needs to be kept up with a steady stream of beats and effects on the sound.

Theall-round mixer can do both. It can mix both scratching and beats. Professionals typically choose an all-round mixer because they have more channels and many more effects than the Club DJ mixer.

Which DJ mixer should I choose?

Your choice of DJ mixer depends on your needs as a DJ. For example, if you need to record different sounds, it's a good idea to choose a DJ mixer with a microphone input. Or if you like to mix many songs with different loops at once, you'll need a mixer with multiple channels.

Check out our wide range on this page today and get professional help from our customer service experts if you have any questions.

How many channels should my DJ mixer have?

DJ-Mixers have different numbers of channels, and the choice depends on how many audio sources (analog and digital) you want to have connected at the same time. Usually, a DJ mixer has between 2 and 6 channels to connect and mix audio sources, such as USB turntables and DJ players. For example, it's popular to combine a mixer with two DJ decks to combine and crossfade tracks.

For most DJ console beginners, a mixer with two channels is enough. Experienced and professional mixers DJ may prefer a mixer with more channels and effects, but when learning to mix, it is advantageous to have as few channels and thus options as possible. This way you can focus on the basics of mixing and become a proficient DJ.

A DJ mixer has separate knobs to control low, mid and high audio frequencies and allows you to send one audio track DJ out through the PA speakers and another through the headphones, allowing DJyou to hear the next track in advance and create an appropriate mix.

I only play tracks from my computer, do I need a DJ mixer?

If you play from computer, you can in principle make do with the somewhat more compact dj controller. However, if you prefer physical buttons, you can also mix on a DJ mixer, even if you play digitally from your computer. It's a matter of temperament whether you choose one or the other, but players such as iPads, iPhones, etc. are definitely something we're seeing more and more of.

What is the difference between a DJ mixer and a regular music mixer?

The differences between a DJ mixer and a music mixer include the crossfader and cue control.

The crossfader is used to blur the transition from one track to another so that the audience doesn't experience a break between tracks, but rather a cohesive sound from start to finish of the set. With a DJ mixer with a built-in crossfader, you can create an almost imperceptible transition between songs by fade switching between tracks. Guests will hardly notice the song changes, so you can keep the dance floor going.

Many DJ mixers also have cue control, which is used to listen to one track in your headphones while another is playing. This way, DJ you can always be ahead of the next song on the set list before the previous song ends. In addition, it is the mixer that is used to combine songs and effects into a cohesive track.

So, a DJ mixer can go a long way towards creating a seamless transition between the songs on your setlist. If you're looking for an audio mixer for your band in your home studio, you'll also find it here.

Buying guide for DJ mixers

Before you buy a DJ mixer, it's important that you consider which mixer is best suited to your needs. We've put together a checklist of different aspects to consider before investing in a DJ mixer:

  • What level will you be playing at - hygge, mobile disco, nightclubs, larger venues?
  • What type of DJ do you want to be - scratch, lounge, dance, etc.
  • Cross fader - it should be durable and preferably replaceable as it is used a lot!
  • Cue control - be aware that you need to be able to hear the track before it reaches the master output to avoid delay.

Mixers of all kinds

In this category, we have collected a range of top-quality DJ mixers and mixing consoles from the world's leading manufacturers of DJ mixers. What's the difference between a DJ mixer, a mixing desk and a disco mixer, you might ask? - Same same, but there are many different names!

Learn more about the features of the different DJ mixers by reading the specifications of the individual models on this page. You are also welcome to ask our competent customer service for advice at any time.

Large selection of DJ mixers

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