Guitar stands

Here you will find several models and variants of guitar stands and guitar holders - Read more about choosing a guitar stand here

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Guitar stands

On this page you'll find our full range of guitar stands. We have both floor and wall-mounted guitar stands, as well as guitar stands for multiple guitars

Floor guitar stand

Our floor guitar stands are crafted in a robust metal construction with a hard-wearing black coating to provide solid support for your guitar. Some guitar floor stands are especially good for electric guitars, others are great for acoustic guitars, while some of our models can be used for both electric and acoustic guitars.

You can put your guitar down safely as our guitar floor stands are equipped with anti-slip padding to ensure your guitar doesn't get scratched. This applies to both the foam protection in soft and durable material on the arms and the hooks that support the bottom of the guitar and keep it stable.

Some models can be adjusted in height to fit your guitar, and some of our floor guitar stands can hold up to three guitars, so you can quickly and easily switch guitars while playing.

Many floor stands for guitar can be folded up, making it easy to transport and taking up little space when you store it.

Guitar wall mount

Our guitar wall mounts are screw-mounted to the wall and fit almost all guitars. Guitar wall mounts are made of iron, which makes them solid, and they are covered with a foam that protects your guitar from scratches and ensures it doesn't fall out of your guitar holder. Be aware of the wall you're screwing the mount into - if it's drywall, take care and use the right screws and rawlplugs - it's also important to use rawlplugs when hanging in brick and concrete walls. Test always hold the mount with your hand and a heavy weight downwards before hanging your guitar - it's more fun to have the mount torn down than to have the guitar fall when you least expect it!

When you use a wall-mounted guitar stand, you have the opportunity to save on floor space.

We also have stands for other musical instruments such as keyboard- and drum stands.

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Oh no! When you have an accident...

There are few things as unpleasant for a guitarist as seeing out of the corner of your eye that your instrument - or any guitar - falls over. Followed by the sound of a broken neck, bent tuning screws and scratches on the body and headstock. Fortunately, it's a lot cheaper to buy a good stand than to foot the bill for repairs in the event of an accident. There is a big difference between stands - as described above. And it doesn't matter whether your guitar stand will live at home in your bedroom, or whether it will withstand a life on the road and on stage - or be sturdy enough to live in a multi-user rehearsal space or a school. That's why it's never a good idea to look at price alone - instead, consider your needs and choose accordingly - it's cheaper in the long run!