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Which studio headphones should I choose?

A pair of studio headphones should basically reproduce the sound as neutrally as possible so that you can hear all the nuances in the sound. However, different studio headphones still sound different. Therefore, it's recommended to find a piece of music that you know how you want it to sound and try out different models of studio headphones. That way you're more likely to find the right headphones for you.

In this category you'll find our selection of high-quality student headphones. We only carry the best brands, so if you're only looking for cheap products at low prices and don't care about quality, you probably haven't come to the right store for you. Studio headphones are often characterized by having over-ear cups for the ears, so you get the full experience of the sound you're producing.

Headphones perfect for studio use as they reproduce the sound neutrally and have over-ear cups.