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Microphone stand

Some may think that a microphone stand is a small detail that's not worth investing in. But as a musician, you should think twice, because once you've invested in the right microphone, it's worth buying a proper and stable microphone stand that can take good care of the microphone and suit you and your needs, whether you're on stage, rehearsing or recording in the studio. When the music is playing and the action is wild, a mic stand can sometimes take a beating. At the same time, it's a piece of equipment that needs to run smoothly or it can ruin the rest of the stage experience. It can be hugely frustrating if a poor quality mic stand starts to fall apart once you've adjusted the height and angle of the mic stand to suit you. So it's worth investing a little extra to get a mic stand that will hold your microphone in the perfect position.

If you're looking for a new, inexpensive microphone stand for use in the studio or on stage, you've come to the right place here at SoundStoreXL, where we offer many different types of microphone stands in all price ranges.

What types of microphone stands are there?

To find the microphone stand that best meets your needs, it's valuable to know the different types of microphone stands.

Let's start from the bottom of a microphone stand and look at what it stands on. We offer both three-legged microphone stands and microphone stands with a round base. Both types often have a shock-absorbing coating on the underside that creates a small gap between the stand and the ground. This way, the vibrations that occur when you dance and hopper on stage are not transferred to the microphone stand as much as possible. Microphone stands with a round base are particularly suitable for singers on stage because they take up less floor space and are less likely to trip over the three legs. However, the most common type of microphone stand is the three-legged microphone stand, which can be used in a variety of contexts. Often the legs can be folded like the rest of the stand for easy storage and transportation.

Microphone stands differ in more ways than just their legs. In addition to the more common upright microphone stands, there's also a boom-arm microphone stand that has a longer reach. A boom arm microphone stand is the term for a microphone stand with a type of microphone extension arm called a boom. The boom arm attaches the microphone to the microphone holder.

Microphone holders are available in different heights. Many models are adjustable using telescopic poles so they can be set at a suitable height and can be used by both standing singers and seated musicians, such as drummers singing in a choir.

On this page you'll also find our selection of low microphone stands that are suitable as microphones for e.g. bass drum, snare drum and guitar amplifiers. A similar model to the low microphone stand is the table microphone stand. However, the tabletop stand is intended more for recording podcasts, for example.

Large selection of microphone stands at the best prices

On this page you'll find our large selection of microphone stands in different price ranges, but the common denominator is good quality. Buy your next microphone stand at SoundStoreXL and get price match on your purchase.

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