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Here you'll find our selection of ultraviolet (UV) light effects and other UV active and glow-in-the-dark items. UV effects can really add a unique style to any party or event. From dressing up the surroundings to dressing up the participants. UV effects have the ability to be invisible in normal daylight, but glow extra brightly in neon colors with the right disco light, which is the so-called ultraviolet UV light.

Imagine stepping into the entrance of a vibrant disco. The further you go into the darkness, the brighter the various figures of disco dancers appear on the walls painted in different neon colors. And right by the dance floor, the figures almost light up the room, and the glow sticks do their part to really emphasize the neon party effect... If you want to add extra power to the climax of a dance number, a UV confetti cannon is a truly unique experience. Imagine confetti shot out over a dance floor, where the confetti sparkles and helps to light up the surroundings, but remember a UV lamp or 4 :-)

There are also many different types of UV effects to dress up the crowd. From UV paint for clothing, to face and body paint, to UV based mascara, makeup and hair products. It gives a unique effect on your person, with drawings and markings on your body and face that can't be seen in normal daylight, but light up as soon as you hit the dance floor.