UV lamps

Here you will find all uv lamps (UVA lamps)

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UV lamps

Our 395 nm UV lamps are commonly used by doormen to check for UV liquid on the hand used for entry stamps, which therefore lights up when illuminated with a UV lamp.

Below you can find UV lamps that "only" glow with ultraviolet light, but also lamps that can glow in other colors and have a UV effect.

UV lamps with LED

Here you will find our large selection of UV lamps. UV lamps and UV lights are used to "activate" UV active paint so that it lights up in different bright colors. This is often referred to as blacklight, as UV light is essentially light that cannot be seen with the naked eye. So if you have any kind of UV paint in your decor, or your guests are known for spicing up the atmosphere with UV makeup, for example, you need one of our UV lights to make it stand out. Almost all of our lights are LED, so power consumption is minimal

UV lamps

The output of the UV lamps - or UV lamps if you will - does not shine like a regular lamp, with a specific number of watts. UV lamp output is measured in nm, which stands for nanometers. It is most often seen in normal UV lamps to be in the range between 365 and 395 nanometers. Black light as it is called in Danish is the same as the English term blacklight.
As you can see, we also have a large selection of "ordinary" UV lamps that are used for blacklight UV effects when neon UV is required party. When the UV lamp is turned on, the light will be ultraviolet and everything will have a bluish glow. Things that are UV active will glow in the dark.
UV lamps can also be used to identify counterfeit banknotes, see watermarks, nails, and check for blood or dirt on the area being illuminated.

UV lamps for amber

If you're looking for amber on the beach, a UV lamp can help you on your way. A UV flashlight is probably the best-selling product for amber hunters
UV lights are also available as a UV flash light - also known as an amber flashlight. The reason they are also referred to as amber flashlights is because amber lights up in a very specific way when illuminated with UV light.