UV paint

Here you will find our large selection of UV paint for parties, UV paint for t-shirts, face and body, as well as universal UV paint for "ordinary" surfaces etc. Fluorescent paint is the same as UV paint and comes in a myriad of colors. To get the UV effect, you need to use UV light. Read more about UV paint here

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Rave paint = UV paint for parties


Here you will find our selection of UV paint, both for walls, furniture, clothes but also for yourself, so you can light up for uv party. UV paint is a fluorescent paint that lights up in bright colors when you are in rooms with a UV lamp, and is therefore often used for e.g. neon party and theater. Everyone knows the paint with the wild neon colors when a bunch of high school students are on their way to a UV rave party / neon party / or whatever it's called. That's why many call UV paint "rave paint"


Below is a video with tips and tricks on how you can paint your face with UV paint in beautiful designs so that you are the one they look at at the rave party.

Using UV paint

There are several types of UV paint. Some UV paint can be used on the body, some on the face, some paint is used to paint clothes - also known as fabric paint - and some is not suitable for painting on the body (like body paint is) as it can cause skin rashes.

There is also what is commonly known as uv paint for walls where you paint a wall, wall or other solid material and after painting, you illuminate the area with blacklight, commonly known as uv light.

Glow in the dark paint for parties

If you are going to a UV party or UV paint party and you need the UV paint here and now and can't wait for the package to arrive, find it near where you live.
Also, remember that every neon UV party includes glowsticks and glow sticks

Where to buy UV paint?

SoundStoreXL is your trusted and fast supplier of EU approved UV paint, so buy your party UV paint here - order in our online store and we'll ship your UV paint the same day you order, as long as we receive your order on a weekday before 15:00. Then we can get the paint packed and shipped to you so you can get ready for the neon rave party in time.
It is also possible to pick up the UV paint at our pick-up warehouse in Aarhus / Risskov

You can also buy UV paint in Aarhus here in the online store at if you live near Aarhus, or you have been late with your UV paint order, so picking up in the store is the only remaining option. As you can see on our webshop, UV paint is available in a wide range of different variants. For example, there is UV paint for the face, UV paint for the body and then there is the luminescent paint, which is not always UV active as luminescent (which is what is called glow in the dark) is not the same as UV paint, but rather the kind of paint that is called luminescent.
There is also invisible UV paint - where the paint after you have painted with it is not visible in normal daylight, but the UV effect appears when you illuminate the area with UV light.
Fluorescent paint
The drying time of UV paint - also known as fluorescent paint - can vary greatly depending on the material being painted on, the temperature of the room and how much UV paint you have used, so it is not possible to give precise advice on this question.

UV paint is typically used at rave parties, or the so-called neon rave parties. At parties like these, both UV paint and glow sticks are almost mandatory.

UV party paint

Several types of UV paint are typically used (in these times and in the holy name of internationalization, it is often called"UV rave paint" when going to a UV rave party.
The most commonly used types of UV paint and UV party effects are:

UV paint for the body
UV paint for the face
UV paint for clothes
UV makeup

We often get the question: What is the difference between fluorescent paint and UV paint?
The answer is nothing. Fluorescent paint and UV paint are exactly the same, but the most commonly used term is UV paint.
When you want the UV paint to "light up" you need to use UV light (also called blacklight) and when the UV paint is illuminated the paint gets the effect you want.
Is the UV paint luminescent? - No, UV paint is not glow-in-the-dark but is fluorescent, which means that it lights up when you turn on the UV lamp. The glow-in-the-dark effect is also known as "glow in the dark" and works by illuminating the paint with a strong light and "charging" it, after which it glows in the dark.

After you have painted yourself and your friends with UV paint, the UV paint should dry for a few minutes. 
Our uv party paint for body and face can be easily washed off with warm water and soap. It can be a little more difficult to wash off if you've gotten ultraviolet paint on your clothes. You'll want to wash it off immediately - a bit like spilling red wine on your shirt. The longer you wait to wash it off - the harder it is.

UV paint shop:

You can pick up your uv paint and other uv rave party effects at any time in our shop in Aarhus, which is open every weekday. See opening hours on our website.

How much should be used for e.g. the face?

Typically, you need about 10-12 ml per person to paint your face. 
We recommend that you get together with 5 or 10 people and buy some mixed colors so that everyone can get a little of each color.


What is UV paint?

UV paint is fluorescent paint that glows under UV light. It is based on pigments that react to light in the ultraviolet segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. UV paint can be visible in daylight, but it doesn't light up, or it can be invisible, so you need UV light to see it. The invisible UV paint can be fun for kids to play with, while the other type of UV paint is best suited for parties with a lot of fun.

How do you get UV paint off clothes?

If the UV paint is still wet, it comes off with warm water and soap without any problems. However, if the paint has dried into the clothing, it is almost impossible to remove. Keep this in mind before applying it to your clothes. At the same time, be aware that there are different types of UV paints that are specifically made for use on fabrics, materials, and body and face. DO NOT use fabric paint on the body and face.


The difference between UV paint and glow-in-the-dark paint


If you want to create a great decoration with cool lighting effects, it's important to be aware that there are two types of products. There are UV products that light up due to UV light, and then there are glow-in-the-dark products.


The luminescent products are also called phosphorescent products because the products are made from phosphors, such as silver-activated zinc sulphide. The process that occurs when the products emit light is similar to the process that occurs with UV products, but unlike UV products, glow-in-the-dark products are charged by sunlight and the light that the products are otherwise exposed to.


The "charge" from the external light gradually decreases. You could compare it to a battery that charges and discharges - the glow-in-the-dark effect gradually diminishes and becomes weaker and weaker.



Invisible and non-visible fluorescent colors


Fluorescent colors can be divided into invisible and non-visible colors. Visibles are common, visible color in daylight and brighten under UV light. Invisible fluorescent colors, on the other hand, are invisible in daylight but light up when UV light is shone on them.