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Pre-made backdrops


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Here you will find ready-made backdrops ready for hanging on e.g. stages or in theaters, often also called theater curtain and stage curtain in molton fabric.
A backdrop is often used by bands and other performers who hang the backdrop behind the stage. Often you'll also see branding using the backdrop with a logo, band name and other "gimmicks"

Molton stage curtain

Most stage curtains and backdrops are typically wood-impregnated, as they often need to be placed near powerful lamps and other types of stage lights that give off a lot of heat. Many of the ready-made backdrops also come with either eyelets for hanging. Or Velcro so they can be stapled together to create a backdrop of just the right size.

Several companies also have molton backdrops for hire if you only need the stage curtain for one night.

Backdrop backdrops

Molton backdrops are also called backdrops in professional language, which is the English term for stage backdrop