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Our range of in-ear headphones has something for every consumer and for every context. Whether it's for sports, from a-to-b or something else entirely, we're sure to have a set of in-ears that you'll love!

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Best in-ear headphones range

Are your current in-ear headphones falling apart? Or have you decided you don't want to let your headphones compromise your hairstyle? Then this page is for you!

If you haven't thought about upgrading your in-ears before, we're sure you'll want to now. Our range of in-ear headphones is handpicked from some of the best brands, and you'll find a wide selection in all price ranges and sound qualities. Of course, if your budget can handle it, we also have some top-of-the-range in-ears for you!

Most people who use in-ear headphones prefer them because over-ear and on-ear headphones can become impractical and very bulky to carry around. In-ear headphones provide a more discreet listening experience and often also give you a good opportunity to block out outside noise.

In our range at SoundstoreXL, there's an in-ear for everyone. Everything from budget to premium models to noise-cancelling headphones and wireless in-ear headphones. All our in-ears have been tested by our experts and are carefully selected.

Wired or wireless?

Many people choose in-ear headphones for their convenience. However, the question of whether they should be wireless often comes up among in-ear consumers.

It's a matter of taste, but here are the arguments that most often come up in this context:


  • It's easier and nice not to have to worry about a wire.
  • They don't take up much space and often come in a nice case that's easy to carry.
  • It looks smarter.

With a cord

  • You know 100% where many people have them.
  • You don't lose them easily, and if they fall out of your ear, they're corded.
  • It's easier for others to see that you have headphones in your ears.

Sports in-ear headphones

In-ears are by far the most preferred headphones for sports use. A good pair of sports earphones makes life easier as an athlete or fitness enthusiast.

For many, wearing bulky headphones while exercising or generally sweating is an annoying factor. The cushions on on-ear and over-ear headphones can also often get very wet and snaky over time during sporting activities. That's where in-ear headphones have a huge advantage of only being inside the ears.

Many fitness enthusiasts prefer not to have a cord for their in-ears, but in fact, many in-ear sports headphones come with a cord that is intended to be worn around the neck. That way, the cord doesn't get in the way of your workout, running or the like. It's a solution that almost all brands have in their range and it works really well!

You can also get in-ear headphones that are equipped with a kind of wave that goes over the ear to reduce the chance of them falling out even more.