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DJ Turntable for scratch

Here you will find our selection of turntables for DJ use. Turntables were the foundation of DJ'ing and scratching as we know it today. That's why playing vinyl records on a turntable is associated with both prestige and nostalgia for many DJ's in the world. Some DJ's would even argue that you're only really DJ's when you use turntables and have all your tracks on vinyl.

However, using a turntable to mix music is also more difficult, as a cheap turntable does not include modern digital tools. Therefore, it's important to have a keen ear for beats and keys.

USB turntable

Why do you need a USB connector on a turntable? We get asked this question all the time, and the answer is that you use a turntable with a USB

connection to connect to your computer to transfer your vinyl records to mp3 format and thus digitize your record collection.

If you buy a USB turntable with a built-in preamplifier - a so-called RIAA amp lifier - it can easily be connected to any amplifier.

Which DJ turntable is the best?

All DJ's have their own favorite turntables. However, many will probably agree that the Technics SL-1200 and the black Technics SL-1210 series are something special. Probably the world's most famous turntable Technics SL 1200 series - came on the market in the early 70s and is still around today. Technics The SL 1210 turntable has been subjected to a lot of copies - more or less good, but none of them come close to the quality of the mother of all turntables.

Can also be called a vinyl turntable or simply a vinyl player. A turntable also needs a pickup, which comes in a myriad of variants. We recommend a pickup from the Danish manufacturer Ortofon. In the early days when the first turntables saw the light of day, it was called a gramophone as it was intended for playing gramophone records.