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Party speakers


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Party speakers

With a party speaker you get many speakers in one: a speaker for a garden party, a speaker for a graduation party, a speaker for a birthday party or a speaker for a company party. The possibilities are endless! No need to pack up the system from the living room (and set it up again the next day!). Just plug'n'play and you'll have music all night long. Some models even have a built-in party light show, so that part is taken care of too.


If you have a DJ in your stomach, there are also several models with a miniDJ console built into the top and wireless microphone for speeches and party songs. The advantage is that it's all built-in, so you don't have to mess with cables. All speakers have multiple connectivity options. You can play via bluetooth or mini-jack from your phone or put your music on an SD card and USB stick and control it all from the remote control. A party speaker makes planning and set-up easier so you can focus on other things - the music is under control.


The larger models can easily function as a party room speaker, marquee speaker or village hall speaker - so get rid of the hassle of wires and cables with a modern party speaker!