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Studio microphones for recording

When people talk about studio microphones, they often mean a USB microphone. The question is often "I need a microphone for podcasts or YouTube", and then it's the model with a USB connector that you need. Another option is to buy a Microphone for iPhone and see how far you get with that.

Why is a good studio microphone important?

A good studio microphone is a microphone that can bring out the best in what is recorded in the recording studio. Typically, a condenser microphone is used for vocal recording in the studio, as a condenser microphone can capture every detail and nuance of what is being recorded.

Large selection of studio microphones

Here you will find our wide range of studio microphones. Our range consists of both dynamic and condenser microphones. The wide selection of studio microphones consists of quality brands such as AKG and other well-known brands, but of course also one of the best-selling brands - Shure SM7B - always at the cheapest price on the market. Here you will find the industry's largest selection of studio microphones in the form of both dynamic and condenser microphones.

Which studio microphone should I choose?

No two voices are the same, so not all studio microphones are equally suitable for all singers. So how do you find the microphone that best suits your voice?

It can be really difficult to say in advance which microphone will suit each artist's voice. We can read descriptions and reviews of different microphones, find information about their frequency response, etc. so we can point to microphones that are good for all-round use and will probably suit many voices, but as we all have our own unique sound, it's impossible to read and think about how a voice will sound on different microphones.

Some will find that a microphone can create an unwanted resonance in their voice, and a microphone can greatly affect how your voice will sound when the song is recorded.

Choosing the right studio microphone also depends on your gender and the style of music. Light female voices and deeper male voices will sound different on different microphones, and different microphones are often best suited for recording different genres such as rap, jazz, rock and classical music.

Therefore, choosing a studio microphone is largely a matter of trial and error and finding the microphone with the characteristics that will bring out the best in your voice.

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Studio and broadcast microphones, what are they?

Studio microphones and broadcast microphones are typically condenser microphones used in radio contexts. However, these microphones can also be used to record individual instruments.

Good selection of Studio and Broadcast microphones

Our wide range of studio and broadcast microphones and preamps are from the recognized quality brand, AKG - always at the best market price. Buy your studio microphone and preamplifier at

Here you will find our great selection of studio and broadcast microphones and preamps.