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Music systems for music in all formats

As technology has evolved, our high-tech gadgets have become smaller and smaller - with the exception of flat screens. Same or better features in a convenient and compact design is the way forward, and that goes for the good old stereo too. Of course, it depends on your needs, but unless you want to turn your home into a Ibiza replica, a mini stereo is perfect for the living room, study, man cave or summer house. Our selection of mini stereos includes both record and CD players in both modern and retro styles. Several of the music systems are equipped with tube amplifiers, also known as tube amplifiers, which gives them a cool visual appearance.

Mini systems are the Swiss army knife of audio playback. It is small and compact, and in addition to being able to play vinyl and CDs, it also has several different connection options and bluetooth, so you can connect your mobile phone or tablet, etc. In addition, the systems are easy to pack up and move, so if you're having a small party in the garden or have a music player for a stand or similar, a mini system is a smart choice. It's a balanced mix of new and old technology that can be used in many contexts.

Music systems for records

Vinyl is back in the market and is not something only music nerds invest in. While sales of digital downloads and other physical media are in decline, vinyl sales in 2017 hit their highest level since 1991, marking 12 consecutive years of growth. The sound of a vinyl record is great, but of course, you need something to play it on. If you already collect records, you probably already have a record player and a pair of top quality speakers. But if you're new to the vinyl game or like vinyl in a casual way, then a mini egg could be a good choice for a potential player. It's easy to plug in and can play right away. So you don't have to choose a turntable, speakers and preamplifier and make it all fit together - which can also be an expensive affair in the end. That's why a mini system is a great way to get started. And if you're a vinyl enthusiast, your playback setup is probably very stationary. A music system could therefore be a smart addition that also allows you to listen to vinyl in other locations.


Stereo systems for CDs

The CD is still alive! With its ability to combine vinyl-like sound quality with easily portable convenience, the CD remains pretty hard to beat, even in these days of online streaming. Almost every album ever released is available on CD, and the discs are, if not indestructible, at least easier to care for than vinyl. Plus, there's a certain feel and aesthetic to playing a CD. With a mini or micro system, you can pretty much listen to CDs anywhere, anytime.


Music systems

On this page we present our selection of many different types of audio systems.

Wide range - something for everyone

The range includes cassette recorders that allow you to play your old cassette tapes. Several models have AM/FMradio, headphone jacks and the option to run on either 220V power or batteries, so you can easily take them on the go. 

We also have a good selection of mini and micro systems, which many people use in the kitchen or children's room at home. Mini systems usually consist of a stereo receiver/amplifier and two small speakers, either built-in or separate units. The systems are available in different models that can play audio sources such as CD, radio, MP3 and Bluetooth.


In the music systems product category you will also find boomboxes. They have rechargeable batteries and can therefore be taken under your arm. With a boom box, your music will have a good volume, but if you want even more, you can add external speakers to the boom box. Often there is an input for both headphones and a microphone, and many boomboxes can play a variety of music sources such as CD, USB, cassette tapes, radio and Bluetooth from e.g. smartphones and tablets.

We also have soundboxes in our range. A soundbox consists of speakers with subwoofers, built-in lights and a battery, making it a perfect sound system for parties at home or as a starter kit for beginners.DJ.


Take a look around our selection of music systems on this page and learn more about the many different models by reading more about each product's specifications.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a new music system, please feel free to contact our customer service, who are ready to help you.

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The robustness of the CDs and the size of the micro system make it an ideal choice for your children or grandchildren. It's sized to fit in a child's room, and with the ability to connect all sorts of other modern tech equipment, it can easily keep kids entertained for hours.