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Here you will find karaoke systems and equipment for your karaoke party: karaoke players, karaoke speakers and karaoke singing systems.

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Karaoke systems

Several types of karaoke systems can be used for karaoke singing. See more in the product specifications

Most karaoke music systems play standard CDs and CD+G karaoke discs. CD+G discs play the audio track of the song and display the lyrics - either on a built-in screen on the karaoke system or on a tv screen. Adjust the controls to increase the singer's voice or turn down the volume to hear the song better.

Press the "Open/Close" button at the top of the karaoke system and insert a CD+G disk. The CD + G disk is a karaoke CD that contains music, a video track and lyrics.

Plug the microphone into the "MIC" connectors on the front of the machine. You can often connect up to two or more microphones in the karaoke system

Press the "Power" button on the top left of the machine to turn on the karaoke machine.

Turn the "Monitor" knob to the "On" position to view the lyrics and graphics of the song.

Press the "CD + G Play/Pause" button to start playing the CD. Both the "Play / Pause" and "CD + G" lights will turn on.

Press the "Vocal Auto" button to mute the recorded vocals on the CD. When a person starts singing the lyrics of the song, the vocals will automatically turn on. If the singer stops singing, the recorded vocals will come back on.

Adjust "Mic Volume" to increase or decrease the microphone volume.

Tip: Turn the "Echo Control" knob to add an echo to the singer's voice.

The history of the karaoke system

You're out with your coworkers. You've had a few too many drinks and your more outgoing friend suggests karaoke (gasp!)... Together you pick your favorite song that you (hopefully) know most of the words to and sing your heart out. Surprisingly, you actually enjoy screaming in front of total strangers. Have you ever wondered where this phenomenon originated?

Karaoke has become a popular interactive entertainment activity - with the global karaoke market estimated to be nearly $1 billion. Karaoke is defined as an amateur or amateurs singing along to a song that follows the lyrics on a screen into a microphone. The music is played from the karaoke system without the vocals and the songs are typically familiar.

The first karaoke system was invented by a Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan in 1971, but Inoue admits he didn't come up with the name "karaoke". A Japanese entertainment group came up with the phrase after an orchestra went on strike and a machine was used instead of playing the music. "Karaoke" translates to "empty orchestra".

In Japan, musical entertainment is a tradition at dinners and parties, and often Inoue's guests would request recordings of his music to sing along to. The owner of a small company asked Inoue to record some of his keyboard music for him to sing to his corporate clients. Inoue did so, and it was a successful and fun experience for both of them. Inoue realized there was a lack of a product on the market that let people interact with and participate in pop music, so he made a tape recorder machine (Juke 8) that played songs when money was put into the machine.

Initially, the market was uninterested, but after gaining a better understanding of how the machines worked, demand quickly increased. Two club owners decided to get the machines in their clubs in Osaka, which further boosted the karaoke hype. Soundproof 'Karaoke Chambers' were invented and built in empty lots across Japan so people could enjoy the activity without having to worry about disturbing others.

Due to their love of singing, Japanese people have a very non-judgmental attitude towards listening to others sing, which is probably why karaoke has become a success there. The success has spread to new markets, including Korea, China, Southeast Asia, the US and Europe.

Currently, you can find karaoke systems in nightclubs and bars, and you can even enjoy it from the comfort of your own home with karaoke-based games such as 'Singstar', 'Sing it', 'Lips' and 'Karaoke Revolution' to name a few. Technological advances have made it possible for these games to judge your singing on how well you sing cleanly, timing and other factors. Many invite you to sing along as a group, and the success of these games has led to the creation of instrumental karaoke games like 'Rock Band'.

The true appeal of karaoke is that it's not exclusively for those who can sing well - it's an invitation to anyone, anywhere, who will provide a number that the audience is likely to recognize and sing along to! It brings people together who appreciate pop music and creates a fun and collective atmosphere.