Music has a unique ability to move us, touch our souls and tell stories. And music documentaries give us the opportunity to delve into the universe of music and learn more about our favorite artists and their journeys.

In this blog post, we share our personal top 5 music documentaries. We (Rasmus and Chris) Our passion for music has led us to explore a wide variety of music documentaries over the years. Our selected documentaries will take you on a journey through different musical genres, tell remarkable stories and present unforgettable musical moments.

From iconic concerts to portraits of legendary artists, our top 5 music documentaries will give you an insight into the magic of music and its ability to shape our world. Whether you're a passionate music lover, a movie fan or just curious to explore new documentaries, we're sure you'll find something interesting and inspiring in our selection.

So let's take you on a journey through our personal favourites, delving into the most moving, thought-provoking and memorable moments in music history. Experience the power of music when it unites with the magic of film in each of our top 5 music documentaries.

Rasmus Kruse
Rasmus is in the marketing department here at SoundStoreXL and has built up his musical experience through countless DJ jobs throughout Denmark over the past 15 years. Music has been a big part of his life since he was little, where he tried his hand at both guitar, keyboard, drums and later his own productions of electronic music.


Rasmus | Top 5 music documentaries

1. Amy (2015)

"Amy" is a deeply moving documentary that tells the story of the talented British singer Amy Winehouse. The film chronicles Winehouse's musical journey from her early days to her worldwide success. At the same time, it also explores the personal struggles she faced with fame, media and addiction. "Amy" provides an honest and intimate insight into Winehouse's life, her talent and her tragic end. The documentary manages to touch us deeply and reminds us of the dangers that can come with fame and the pressures of the music industry.


2. Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

"Searching for Sugar Man" is a remarkable documentary that follows two South African fans who try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of American singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. The film tells the story of how Rodriguez's music mysteriously became a cult phenomenon in apartheid-era South Africa, without his knowledge. The documentary shows how music can have a profound impact on people's lives and culture. It is a heartbreaking and inspiring tale of the discovery of an unknown artist and his reunion with fans who loved his music.


3. Woodstock (1970)

"Woodstock" is an iconic documentary that captures the essence of the legendary Woodstock music festival that took place in 1969. The film captures moments from the festival and features live performances from some of the most influential artists of the time such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who and many more. "Woodstock" captures the collective spirit of peace, love and music that characterized the 1960s counterculture. This documentary is not just a recording of a music festival, but an important historical event that symbolizes an era marked by social change and musical revolution.


4. The Last Waltz (1978)

"The Last Waltz" is a magical documentary film directed by Martin Scorsese and documents The Band's last concert. The film features notable performances by The Band as well as guest musicians such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and many others. In addition to being a concert recording, "The Last Waltz" is also a story about the band's journey and their relationship with music. Scorsese's direction creates an intimate atmosphere and the fantastic musical performances make this documentary an unforgettable experience. This film is a monument to one of rock's most iconic bands and their contribution to music history.


5. 20 Feet from Stardom (2013)

"20 Feet from Stardom" is a captivating documentary that celebrates backup singers and their contribution to popular music. The film explores the talented women who have lent their voices to some of the biggest hits, but who have often been overlooked. This film gives an insight into the world of backup singers, their professional and personal challenges and their struggle for recognition. Featuring interviews and stunning live performances, "20 Feet from Stardom" gives us a deeper understanding of musical collaboration and the often overlooked role backup singers play in the music industry.




Chris Kleis
Chris is the CMO here at SoundStoreXL and has always been very interested in music and film. Throughout his musical career, he has, among other things, toured both at home and abroad with the DJ group DØ CHEF DØ, which has existed since 2016.

Chris | Top 5 musikdokumentarer

1. Daft Punk Unchained (2015)

"Daft Punk Unchained" zooms in on one of the most iconic EDM duos; Daft Punk. The French duo who in many ways revolutionized the electronic scene with their anonymous masks that made them mysterious. Their live shows set a standard for DJ live shows that many still try to live up to today. The story of Daft Punk is inspiring, unique and in every way interesting. I often recommend this documentary regardless of whether you are into electronic music or not - and it is really nicely made.

2. Swedish House Mafia: Leave the World Behind (2014)

"Swedish House Mafia: Leave the World Behind" is a documentary that takes the successful group on their last tour in 2012/2013. A documentary that shows the group's friendship and huge success, but at the same time shows the dark sides of great success and the balance between being friends and colleagues. I watch this documentary once a year and recommend it to pretty much everyone I meet. It's a great story and the three members of Swedish House Mafia are super interesting and down to earth.


2. Avicii: True Stories (2017)

"Avicii: True Stories" focuses on perhaps the most successful DJ and producer in music history. Avicii was a huge inspiration for many years and still is to this day. This documentary follows his career - both ups and downs and is a fantastic memory of Tim Berg. His tragic death left a huge mark on the electronic music industry and there are lots of cameos from the top shelf, which tell about Tim and their relationship with him.



4. Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry (2021)

"Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry" is an intimate insight into one of today's greatest artists; Billie Eilish. You follow her story, her close relationship with her family and her journey with her first album. The album that won several Grammys and almost took over the world. She is quite a unique person and I loved the storytelling and the universe that was built in the documentary. Billie Eilish is too cool and I have huge respect for her and her brother craft.


5. Major Lazer: Give Me The Future (2017)

"Major Lazer: Give Me The Future" is a documentary that follows the success of the group Major Lazer, who organize a free concert for almost 500,000 people in Cuba. It's a documentary about a concert more than about the group itself, but there is something about Major Lazer and their energy that is absolutely contagious. Their approach to music and to live shows is so different and brings so many people together that it can only put you in a good mood.