Disco balls

Here you will find our selection of mirror balls - disco balls or as they are also called in English: mirror ball. Take a look in the subcategories, where you will find disco ball sets, motor for the disco ball. Read more about disco balls here

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Disco ball

Here you will find our large selection of mirror balls, also known as disco balls
A mirror ball is the absolutely indispensable disco effect when "the music is playing" and you want to party.

In the late 70s, the first disco balls and mirror balls were seen in music videos with Diana Ross and Chaka Khan. The disco wave rolled across the world and the disco ball quickly became synonymous with disco and partying.
Today, a disco ball is still extremely popular and is used wherever "music is playing".

Mirror ball with motor and LED light

In our large selection of mirror balls, you can easily find a model with a rotating motor and light. There are also LED lights for the mirror ball - these types of spotlights for mirror balls are also called pinspots.

If you have children and they want a mirror ball, there are also small models in mirror balls that can stand on a table. The motor is built into the base of the disco ball, so no extra installation is required.

Remember that every children's birthday party or neon party etc. should include glow sticks for such a party.

Disco ball rental - Is it worth it?

In our experience, whether you live in Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense or Copenhagen, renting a disco ball (or multiple balls for that matter) is not worth it. The price of a disco ball is now so low that if you need it more than 2-3 times, renting is not worth it, so stop renting and buy instead.

Disco balls in the home - turn everyday life into a party

You recognize the disco ball when you see it hanging above the dance floor at the disco - but what if it was hanging above your dining table? Or from the center of your windowsill? If you're looking for a little party and color in your home, a disco ball can get you in the mood, and with a tap on the stereo, it'll also get your dancing feet moving. The glittery and colorful balls are available in many sizes and can brighten up any home. Turn fruit bowls into disco bowls, mood lights into disco lights and light up the living room with little white sparkling reflections of bubbling energy. They do it in Tokyo. They do it in New York. Around the globe, the disco ball spins in time with the sun - from east to west - life is a disco party.

Disco balls for kids

A disco ball is not just for kids and the nursery... Let's get this straight.

When it comes to parties, the disco ball is an absolute must, and the classic disco light effect is something everyone remembers - not least those who still remember the discos of the happy 70s and 80s when the disco wave rolled over us all. Quickly, disco balls became really popular and soon you couldn't find a party room, a nightclub or a disco club without one or more disco balls.

Today, you can buy a cheap disco ball almost anywhere - even BR and Bauhaus have been known to sell them.

The disco ball on the table

Yes, you can actually get a disco ball with a base so that it can be placed on a table, so you don't have to climb a ladder to hang your newly purchased disco ball from the ceiling.

The disco ball spins - it is rotated by a motor - at a certain number of revolutions per minute - sometimes controlled by the music, so the LED light that may be included or built-in flashes in time with the music.

Can also be spelled with a k - like disco ball or mirror ball but they are the same thing

Disco ball

The ever-popular disco ball is still here... find the right size and color in the overview here in the webshop.

Read more about disco balls here or check out our mirror ball sets or fog machines