At SoundStoreXL you'll find vinyl records carefully selected by our music-loving experts. There's something for every taste and genre and we'll always try to expand the range to suit you all.

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Vinyl or LP

LP (long playing or long play) is an analog way of storing sound. A phonographic format is characterized by a speed of 33+ 1/3 rpm and is typically a 12 or 10 inch (30 or 25 cm.) in diameter. LP has been a very popular medium for listening to music. However, it suffered a major decline with the advent of the CD. Today, vinyl has come back with a vengeance and more and more people are once again listening to their favorite music on LP.

A large part of this upswing in vinyl sales is due to the fact that it has become much easier to buy a turntable for relatively cheap money today.

Benefits of vinyl

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer vinyl over digital formats? Are they just snobs from a different time and culture who are afraid of being too modern? Are vinyl enthusiasts dinosaurs in denial of modern technology? Maybe they are. But there are many good reasons to choose vinyl over digital formats, which may be a big reason why vinyl sales have rebounded so dramatically.

The two key categories of music technology are analog and digital. Digital formats are intangible and therefore can lose some quality. Vinyls are material and need to be stored properly and require more control to use.

There are big differences between the sound quality of vinyl records and digital formats. Vinyl records often have a deeper, richer, warmer and more rounded quality. The digital format is often cleaner, more polished and often with a more "high-end" quality. The sound on a vinyl record comes through really well due to the open soundtracks in the record, whereas digital formats are by nature more compressed and therefore do not leave as much room for the warm and deep sound. It's a big debate in the industry, but nevertheless, in a way, we agree with the vinyl enthusiasts.

Vinyls are more popular than ever

The surge in interest in vinyl continues, and looks set to continue for a very long time - quite understandably, we think. With streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and others, our music habits have also changed a lot.

That's why many people are turning back to vinyl in the modern age. It may be to listen to albums the way albums are made to be listened to; from start to finish. Maybe it's to reminisce about another time, or something else entirely. Nevertheless, it's become hugely popular again.

Our selection of vinyls

Here at the office, we're obviously big music lovers - it goes without saying. Luckily, our experts have an incredibly wide range of musical tastes, and our selection reflects this. We try to offer as much variety as we can to satisfy as many people as possible.

We try to have both old classics, as well as the new hot vinyls.

We also always welcome suggestions for vinyls to look for from you and all other customers. That way we can stay relevant and try - again - to make everyone happy.

Why vinyls?

If you're thinking about getting started with a vinyl collection, we don't really have any reasons not to start. So instead, here are some reasons to start your collection today:

  1. The feeling of vinyl. It's not comparable to streaming music in any way. Receiving a vinyl in physical form, unwrapping it and putting it on your turntable just can't match putting music on via your phone to some bluetooth speakers.
  2. The sound of vinyl. Many people think you can't hear the difference between a vinyl playback and streaming from a phone. We won't bore you with the technological reasons why you can, but instead emphasize the fact that the sound between needle and vinyl can be heard and that sound is worth it in itself.
  3. Buying vinyl. Even if you don't buy your vinyl records from us, we can only encourage you to buy them physically if you can. Flipping through vinyl in a store is absolutely amazing. Especially if you're abroad, where vinyl stores often have a bigger reputation than at home.
  4. Displaying vinyl records. When you have a vinyl collection and a record player, it all becomes an integral part of your home. It sends a signal that you are a collector and are passionate about music, while a record player and records are incredibly beautiful to have on display in your home.
  5. A conversation piece. A vinyl collection is always a great icebreaker when you have guests. Guests can look through your collection and you can talk about music, where the conversation doesn't start with "have you heard the new single by x-artist".

We can only recommend getting started with your collection today and if you need help with either your collection or a turntable, we are right by the phone or by email.