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DJ desk


Here you'll find our great selection of complete DJ sets - the best deals for DJ's who want a complete package in one go. DJ Packages or DJ bundles are often what it is called when a complete package is needed for the DJ. On this page you can see our current offers on DJ bundles and complete DJ sets.

You can also consider buying a cheap flight case for your equipment to protect it during transportation.

If there is any special DJ equipment or a specific bundle you need a good overall offer on, please feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry.

Good selection of DJ bundles

Our selection of DJ bundles consists of quality brands such as Pioneer DJ and Native Instruments. Buy your DJ kit at SoundStoreXL


How should my DJ desk be put together?

There are so many options when it comes to putting together a DJ desk. You can either assemble and "build it from scratch" to get it exactly the way you want it or you can buy a ready-made kit. In addition, the composition and design depends a lot on what you want to play from, how mobile you want your console to be and how experienced you are. If you only play from computer, you can make do with a smaller set-up with a midi controller, whereas a set of traditional dj players requires a mixer and thus a slightly larger set-up.

What is the difference between a DJ mixer and a MIDI controller?

A DJ mixer has handles and knobs, whereas a MIDI controller consists of keys, buttons and perhaps a keyboard. The DJ mixer is designed to mix audio from a DJ player, whereas the MIDI controller is designed to mix digital audio from computer, iPads and the like. It is debatable whether there is a difference in performance between the two, as they deliver roughly the same thing just in different ways. Some would argue that the EQ is better on a DJ mixer than on a MIDI controller, but in the vast majority of cases a MIDI controller will be fully capable of doing the job. However, it's a different feeling to have a mixer where you have physical buttons to control and direct your DJ set. Whether you choose one or the other is largely a matter of personal preference and style, what you prefer

What is a DJ console?

The console is a DJ's most important piece of equipment. A DJ console can be put together in many different ways and can either be built individually or purchased as a complete kit. However, a DJ console consists of at least some kind of player and a DJ mixer or MIDI controller. The console is your desk when you're mixing, so it's important that you find a set-up that works best for your preferences and style. A traditional DJ mixing desk typically consists of two players with a mixer, but as music is digitized, more and more DJ are working with a set-up with a MIDI controller instead of a mixer. One approach to DJ¥ing isn't necessarily better than the other, but it's a topic that continues to divide the DJ world, with some swearing by the traditional setup of players and DJ mixer. The mixer is typically stored in a flight case, which is a plywood box that can either be placed on a table, a keyboard stand or a so-called x-stand. The flight case protects your equipment both during transportation and when the waves are high during a job. Flight cases come in many dimensions and sizes and are often included when you buy a complete DJ desk.

Buying guide ? How do I choose DJ mixing console?

Investing in DJ equipment can be a costly affair, so it's important that you make some relevant considerations before buying a lot of expensive equipment:

  • How many and how big jobs do you expect to play? What do you really need in your console?
  • How experienced are you? Beware of buying a lot of expensive equipment that is too advanced for you to operate. It's better to start with something less advanced.
  • How do you want to mix? Decide if you prefer a purely digital set up or if you prefer to have turntables, players and faders and knobs on the mixer to work with.
  • How often do you need to move your equipment? Go for smaller equipment if you need to transport your DJ mixing console often.