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Digital mixer


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Digital mixer

We have a wide range of digital mixers in all price ranges - from smart start-up solutions for your home studio to the latest equipment for professional recording or concert performance. If you're still in the consideration phase or need more technical knowledge about a mixer, feel free to contact one of our experts by email or phone.

Benefits of a digital mixer in all price ranges

Flexible, integrated FX and instant recall. That's what makes digital mixers a favorite among audio engineers and producers. A digital mixer allows you to configure your settings on the fly and offers onboard processing and FX, minimizing the need for endless rows of outboard equipment.

Digital audio mixers have the ability to copy, save and recall saved settings. You can easily switch between multiple projects by using its recall functions. With this feature, you can save time switching between different setups, including different venues or bands.

Digital mixer for home studio

When building a home studio, there are many options available to the modern enthusiast. From basic sound cards to multi-format digital consoles and everything in between, choosing the right device for your needs and budget can be daunting.

Digital mixers offer several unique advantages when used as home studio solutions, including a large complement of built-in microphone preamps, outboard digital signal processing and advanced mixing capabilities that can simplify the recording process. Some digital mixers, like the StudioLive Series III consoles, also provide DAW control features that allow you to use them as a control system for your DAW and are an excellent front-end.

When evaluating a digital mixer for your home studio, the first thing to consider is its built-in sound card. Almost every modern digital mixer has some form of integrated sound card. The downside is that, unlike a stand-alone sound card like the PreSonus Studio Series, many of these integrated sound cards don't have enough recording and playback tracks to capture all available sources on a mixer at once. This is where the StudioLive Series III mixers are unique. Each StudioLive Series III digital mixer is equipped with a full 64x64 USB sound card.

The next consideration is determining how many simultaneous inputs you need and whether to use microphone preamps, line inputs or both. Recording a full band requires at least 16 mic preamps and there are many stand-alone sound cards that can do this.