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Quality microphone arms for demanding podcasters and gamers

Significantly improve your audio recording with our flexible microphone arms. A microphone boom is an important investment for both podcasters and gamers who want to achieve professional sound quality in their recordings. On this page, we'll guide you through the benefits of using a microphone boom and how to choose the right model for your needs.

Read on and take the first step towards perfecting your audio recording!

What is a microphone boom?

A microphone boom is a mount that holds your microphone in place and allows you to adjust its position. It's ideal for podcasters and gamers who want better sound quality in their recordings. With a boom arm, you can easily position the microphone closer to your mouth and away from other noisy sources such as keyboard or mouse clicking sounds.

Microphone arms come in different types and sizes, so it's important to choose the right arm for your specific microphone type. Another handy feature of using a boom arm is that it eliminates cable confusion as you can easily hide the cables inside the arm itself.

Types of microphone arms

A boom arm is a popular type of microphone arm that can be adjusted to fit different positions and angles. This type of arm typically has a longer reach than other types of arms and allows you to place your microphone close to your mouth while still having freedom of movement.

Desk mount arms are ideal for those who want to keep their microphone on their desk or other flat surface. These arms also allow for easy adjustment of the height and angle of your microphone.

Finally, there are table stand arms, which are perfect for those who want a more stationary setup. These come with different mounts and can provide more stability than the previously mentioned types of boom arms or desk mount arms. This is similar in many ways to a regular microphone stand but without the adjustable height to the same degree.

Regardless of which type of arm you choose, there are common denominators such as easy mounting, adjustable height and good cable management. It's always a good idea to check out a few expert tests, but otherwise you can also just give us a call and we'll compare the models you have in mind for you.

Compatibility with different microphones

Our microphone arms are compatible with a variety of microphone types, including condenser, dynamic, and USB microphones. You can adjust the boom to fit your preferred position and get the best sound quality from your chosen microphone. Our products always say what they are compatible with, so you don't end up making a bad deal.

Our products have been tested by experts, and reviews show that our boom arms work well with different mounts and cables. Whether you're podcasting or playing video games, our flexible mic arms can help you achieve professional audio recording while getting the best prices and saving you money.

Benefits of using a microphone boom

A microphone boom can significantly improve your sound quality as it helps keep the microphone in a fixed position and reduces noise from shaking. This allows you to record more professional sounding recordings for your podcasts or gaming sessions.

Another benefit of using a microphone boom is freeing up space on your desk for other equipment. You no longer have to worry about having your microphone lying around on your desk, as you now have the option to place it safely away with a flexible microphone boom.

Better sound quality

Our flexible microphone arms reduce noise and background sound for improved recording quality. This results in more accurate and clear audio reproduction that will impress your listeners.

Free up desk space

Optimize your workspace with a flexible microphone boom. By mounting the microphone on the boom instead of on your desk, you save space and have more freedom to adjust the position of the microphone as needed. Our flexible mic arms are perfect for podcasters and gamers alike who want better sound quality and a more ergonomic workstation.

Many producers in studios use a microphone boom for this very reason, as they have a lot of other equipment on their workbench.

Better ergonomics

Get better ergonomics and avoid neck and back strain with our flexible microphone arms. With the ability to adjust the height, angle, and direction of your microphone quickly and easily, you can ensure the perfect recording without unwanted movement or shaking. Our microphone arms are ideal for podcasters and gamers alike who want to improve their audio recording in a professional way.

Frequently asked questions about microphone arms

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customer service, so hopefully you can get answers to all your questions. Of course, you are always welcome to write or call us.

How much does a microphone boom cost?

The price of a microphone boom can vary greatly depending on the brand, quality, and features. You can find some basic models for around 200-300 kroner, but more advanced and professional variants can cost up to several thousand kroner. It's important to choose a boom microphone that suits your needs and budget, while ensuring good sound quality for your recordings.

What is the difference between a regular microphone boom and a professional one?

A regular microphone boom is typically a simple and inexpensive solution for attaching a microphone to your desk or tabletop. A professional microphone boom, on the other hand, is designed to deliver a higher quality and more flexibility to the user.

This type of microphone boom is often more robust and can carry heavy microphones, while also having more adjustment options and better shock absorption. A professional microphone boom is also more reliable and durable for longer, making it a better choice for professional podcasters and gamers.

All in all, the difference between a regular and a professional microphone boom is mainly in the quality, flexibility and durability.

Is the microphone boom suitable for podcasting?

Yes, the microphone boom is an ideal solution for podcasters as it provides a flexible and adjustable platform to place the microphone, meaning you can get the right microphone position for the best sound quality.

The microphone boom is also a great way to avoid hearing unwanted movements or vibrations that can happen while speaking, helping to achieve a more professional and stable audio experience.

Do I need a special microphone boom for streaming?

Yes, it is recommended to use a special microphone boom for streaming as it can improve sound quality and reduce room noise. A good microphone boom will also help position the microphone in an optimal way so you can get the best audio experience.

There are several different microphone arms on the market, so it is important to choose one that suits your specific needs and requirements. At SoundStoreXL we have a large selection of microphone arms that are perfect for podcasters and gamers alike. Contact us today to find the best solution for your streaming setup.

Are microphone arms compatible with other equipment?

Yes, many microphone arms are compatible with different types of microphones and stands. It's important to check the compatibility of the specific microphone boom before purchasing it to make sure it's compatible with your current equipment. Most manufacturers will list the compatibility on their product pages or in the product documentation. It is also important to consider the weight and size of your microphone and ensure that the microphone boom can support it without tipping or falling.