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Here you'll find a small selection of disco lights and disco lights for the nursery, home bar, mobile disco and the like.

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Disco lights for your party

Every self-respecting disco or club has either disco lights or disco balls for their dance floor, and preferably more than one. It gets the party started and keeps it going well into the night. Every nightclub owner knows that a world-class dance floor attracts all the dancers - and once they're in, the guys follow close behind, ready to leave a good portion of their paycheck at the bar. Either to impress the girls or to get drunk enough to talk to them.

Our range of disco lights covers all types and sizes of dancefloors, with plenty of built-in features to ensure the party atmosphere is top notch! Kaleidoscope patterns, strobe lights, laser lights, etc. in the entire color palette, which can be adjusted to and in time with the music - whether it's rock, pop, hip hip, house or techno being blasted out of the speakers. Of course, there's also the classic disco ball, because no disco is complete.

If you're looking for disco lights to keep your place warm until sunrise, you've come to the right place. We have a wide range of styles, sizes and price ranges. If you're not sure which solution is best for you, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts who are ready to guide you through the disco jungle.

Disco lights for the home bar

Parties are more fun with real disco lights. Guests get in the right mood and before you know it, everyone is dancing on the tables.

The lights are simple to install and the only limit to how you decorate your living room, garage or basement is your imagination - it just depends on how much of a party animal you are - and how big your apartment or house is.
To get the most out of your disco lights and light show, you may choose to use the disco lights with a fog machine - that way you can see all the rays from the disco lights.

In addition to good disco lights, every good party needs glow sticks and a disco ball for kids, which you can buy cheaply here in our online store.

Disco lights for kids

LED disco lights are great for kids' rooms as they last a long time, use minimal power and, most importantly, don't get hot.

Disco lights are many things, and you can mention several different well-known lighting effects such as a disco ball / mirror ball, and laser lights, but also "ordinary" colored lights that can flash in time to the music when having a disco party in the party room, basement or in the girl's room. The smaller types of disco lights that are not as advanced are typically very cheap to buy, so the budget doesn't have to be particularly large for a "home disco"

Disco lights for light shows

The vast majority of disco lights are used for parties, but sometimes just for color. If you're putting on a theater performance, concert, exhibition or just want to attract attention, it also works well as a light show. There are more professional solutions for this, but depending on budget and practicalities, sometimes just having disco lights can be an advantage. Despite the name, it has multiple uses. That means you can use it for different things at different times, so it's an investment that will be used and enjoyed.

Disco lights

Here you'll find our selection of disco lights and other lighting effects for your disco.

Also look here to find cheap disco lights

As you can probably guess, there are a number of different types of disco lights. Some models have built-in music controls so they flash in time to the music. Other types of lights need to be controlled with a DMX light controller, where you can program different light shows as so-called "scenes".

Lighting equipment and lighting effects

DJ Equipment and discoequipment including disco lights can be cheap, but also too cheap.... We recommend that professional operators do not buy too cheap quality, but instead sacrifice a little more money and invest in a slightly better quality disco light, thus avoiding unnecessary repairs and servicing of the light.

Cheap disco lights

As mentioned, we recommend that as a professional or semi-professional player, you don't buy your disco light too cheaply. It should be of a reliable quality that you can take with you on the job.

A DJ, a band or a solo musician who performs and charges money for it, must and should be able to trust the light they bring with them. It's no good going to a large community center and thinking that a small, cheap 400-watt fog machine is enough to create a disco atmosphere at the party.


Here you'll find everything you need for disco lights and DJ lights.

You can find cheap disco lights in several places, but look carefully so you don't buy cheap junk, but quality disco lights you can be proud to show off, whether you're going on the road with your band, your mobile disco or you need disco lights for the party at home in your room. A disco ball and similar lighting effects are always a winner :-)

So disco lights are for everyone, not just children, although some lighting effects and disco lights are of course best suited to children's rooms. You don't have to worry about power consumption and heat development in the light, as the vast majority of lights are LED diodes, or there is also the option of finding a disco light that runs on battery power. That way, no one will get hurt by electricity at the party.

If you are unsure about what to buy for your disco, please contact our sales team who can advise you before you buy disco lights elsewhere.