Antari Smoke liquid 5 litre Light Smoke

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Antari Smoke liquid is used with a Antari Fog machine. The smoke liquid is water-based, odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic and non-flammable. 

Antari Fog fluid comes in 2 flavors:
  • FLR Light Fog Liquid (red colour) produces a light smoke that quickly disappears again.
  • FLG Heavy Fog Liquid (green colour) produces smoke with a longer lasting time.

Use Antari smoke fluid for your Fog machine if you want to keep the warranty.

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  • Antari Light liquid smoke
  • 5 litres
  • Produces light smoke that quickly disappears again
  • Use antari smoke liquid for your Antari Fog machine


Model/Product no.: LPH-63FLR5
EAN: 4719850650421