Crackling light glasses (incl. 1 piece Crackling light bracelet)

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Glowstick glasses 
Glasses consisting of 2 glowstick + spectacle bars and spectacle bridge. 
The colors vary from set to set. 

Glowstick glasses are a perfect way to stand out from the crowd.  


Activate the glowsticks by breaking / bending the pipes and shaking them well. After that they will light for several hours. 


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Model/Product no.: GLOW-GLASSES
EAN: 8717662460197


Crackling light is actually simple built. They consist of a plastic container with an inner glass container. 

The two containers contain different liquids which light up when mixed. Therefore, to activate the crackling effect, the inner glass container must be broken,  so that the two liquids mix.




It is important that you are careful when breaking the crackling light. You can risk breaking the outer plastic container instead of just bending it. You may break the glass container in several places to speed up the mixing process.

Cracking candles last 4 - 8 hours



Please note:

Proper use of cracking candles requires simple precautions:

    - Keep the product in its packaging until use.    

    - Do not puncture the plastic tube, the liquid may stain clothes and other items.    

    - Contact with the liquid may cause eye and skin discomfort.     

    - In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse well with water.    

    - Do not drink the liquid.    

    - Light output is affected by direct sunlight and high heat. Store in a dark place.     

    - Dispose of with normal household waste after use.