Protection Racket 22x18" Large Drum Bag

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Protection Racket 22 "x18" large drum bag

With Protection Racket, you get drum bags that can take on the road in all kinds of weather. 

Projection Racket is an uncompromising company from Cornwall, England that started out making bags for water sports. Surf-people have high demands for equipment durability, and Protection Racket found a way to meet them with new ideas.
Musicians are equally demanding of quality, so it was natural that Protection Racket used their technology to make all types of gig bags too. Protection Racket holds. Both literally, and in terms of cool factor.

All bags come in the "Rims" version, which means the bag is a bit wider and has room for rim hangers. 

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  • Softcases with heavy specially developed, water-repellent padding.
  • These cases ensure optimal protection for your drums. 


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