Roland CY-18DR

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Roland CY-18DR

  • Note: Only works with Roland TD-50 module.
  • Includes cable and drum wrench. 

The new Roland CY-18DR is for drummers who want to add personality to their playing. The cymbal has the dimensions of an acoustic 18" cymbal, and it has an authentic swinging motion when you hit it, so the playing feel on this newly developed digital V-Cymbal is familiar and well-designed. The cymbal has Roland's latest technology built in, and uses a high-resolution multi-sensor system that detects all the playing nuances of both hard and soft cymbal strokes at any position of the cymbal from the rim to the bell.


The CY-18DR digital cymbal gives expressive drummers more dynamic control than ever before, allowing all playing techniques from legato cymbal strokes to a soft tap on the bell, and the drummer can even interrupt the sound with their fingers - simply touch the bell or cymbal with a finger or the palm of your hand and you'll achieve a natural reverberation, just as you would with an acoustic cymbal. For this groundbreaking cymbal to work optimally, it must be used in conjunction with the processing power and digital trigger inputs you'll find in from Roland's new flagship TD-50 sound module.



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New digital riding cage with an advanced multi-sensor trigger. 


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