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Great deals at SoundStoreXL

Dive into our large selection of cheap musical instruments and electronics from well-known brands. We have everything from cool guitars, cheap speakers and systems, headphones, studio and recording equipment and much more.

Treat yourself with new DJ equipment

At SoundStoreXL we sell the biggest brands and the latest DJ equipment. Our wide range of beginner and advanced equipment ensures to meet every dj's needs, find brands like:

Pioneer DJ

Denon DJ


The smart controllers give you full control over your music and the ability to blend, manipulate and remix songs. All you need is some power, a USB with music and you're ready to get started DJ.

We have great prices on DJ and DJ equipment, and you can count on us to have just the model you need in your everyday life. Do you want to get a better experience with your sound? Sound is of course very important, which is why we also have an attractive range of well-playing studio monitors. With audio from studio monitors , you get a design created for professional sound and accurate sound reproduction.

If you need decksavers, pick-ups or similar, check out our selection of accessories for DJ

Find cheap instruments in good quality

Our selection of musical instruments ranges from guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, wind instruments and much more. So whether you have an urge to let the rhythms take over through drums, or want to immerse yourself in the harmonies of piano and guitar, or let the notes flow through wind instruments, SoundStoreXL is ready to help you on your creative journey.

Stringed instruments

String instruments include both classic brands and cheaper models such as bass, guitars, ukulele and string instruments. Explore the wide selection or find your next accessory or amplifier. Whether acoustic or electric, we have what you need!

Keyboard instruments

Keyboard instruments are truly versatile and can create virtually any sound. The most well-known keyboard instrument is the piano, which is available in both digital and acoustic versions. A digital piano is ideal if you're short on space or want a more noise-free experience. Whatever your level, there's equipment for you at SoundStoreXl, we offer a wide range from beginner keyboards to advanced synthesizers for the more professional.


Drum and percussion

The percussion is the instrument that gives the music rhythm and is the category where we have the drums. A drum kit consists of a bass drum, snare drum, hi hats etc. but is put together in so many different ways, you can let your creativity flow. Also check out our selection of drumsticks. In our percussion category we have classics like tambourine and shakers as well as xylophone, cajon and bongo.

Wind instrument

Wind instruments are perfect for those who want to play solo or as part of a section with other musicians. With our selection of recorders and harmonicas, you can start practicing your playing today.


Once you've found your new instruments at a great price, you can also check out our range of accessories. Maybe you need a pedal or a tuner or something else entirely. If there are any accessories you need, you can easily find them at SoundStoreXl.

Save money with our outlet and B-stock products

It's always nice to feel like you're getting a lot for your money, which is actually also the case with our outlet and B-stock products. Here you'll find a selection of products such as display models, products with cosmetic defects or discontinued items. They are, of course, functional, but at a more competitive price.

At the same time, you are also doing your part to help the environment. Unfortunately, many electronic products today are often discarded and scrapped, even if it's just a minor cosmetic scratch.

The products in B-stock are sold with normal warranty. Original packaging may be damaged or missing. Any cosmetic damage is indicated in the text for each product.

Check out all our low prices

You can take advantage of our many low prices and offers, because it's important to us that you get your products at the best price. If you have any questions about our exciting products, our knowledgeable customer support team is ready to help you. Save money at SoundStoreXL and experience our fast shipping. We always have exciting prices in our newsletter.


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