Glass Gobo 3 Colors - Custom

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Glass Gobo 3 Colours - Custom

With this custom made glass gobo you can get your logo or smaller message up to a really big size. The gobo is produced in the best quality which can be seen in the choice of materials as well as production methods.


above all 
The desired logo or text is cut out of the glass with a laser to achieve the highest quality and accuracy. The gobo can be produced in all sizes to fit all lamps.

Ordering Procedures

If your logo or text contains no more than 3 colours, this is the gobo for you.

  • After ordering this product, we will contact you about which logo you want to use.
  • A high-resolution PDF file of the logo/text will then be required, along with details of which machine the glass gobo will be used in.
  • If different gobos are ordered please send the different logos in separate files
  • Please note that the document must not contain anything other than the logo. Therefore, if there is a page header or similar on the document, please remove it beforehand.

If you need more gobos with exactly the same logo or text, a quantity discount is available. See price above.

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  • Custom made glass gobo designed with laser
  • Produced with 3 colors
  • The size is adapted to your machine


Model/Product no.: GOBOG3
Round gobo made of glass with 3 colors
Logo or text cut out by laser for best possible result
Produced in all sizes to fit all types of lamps
Extra charge of 279,- incl. VAT for larger gobos (Type A and B)
Logo can be made up to 2540 dpi resolution
Additional copy is available at a discount (see related products)