Dynacord CMS 2200-3

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Dynacord CMS 2200-3 Mixer

Dynacord The CMS 2200-3 is a 55 W/ 60 W mixer with 22 channels, XLR input, gain control, OLED display, 11-band stereo equalizer and processing menus for effects, special functions and edits.

18 Mic/line inputs and 4 stereo inputs

Dynacord The CMS 2200-3 comes with Low Cut Filter that reduces low-frequency noise, and Voicing Filter that amplifies voices in your mix. The mixer has 6 x 3 mic/line inputs with 2 FX, 2 MON and 2 AUX that can be used as effect or monitor sends. The CMS 2200-3 also has built-in 4 stereo inputs for CD, USB connectivity and MP3 players.

Digital USB 2.0 Audio Interface

With the mixer's USB 2.0 port, you get a digital audiointerface between Dynacord CMS 2200-3 and your PC/Mac. You can transmit a total of 4 channels simultaneously between your computer and the CMS 2200-3, making it possible to use the interface for audio signals or for live/studio recording applications. With the purchase of the Dynacord CMS 2200-3 you get a DVD with Cubase LE software license, so you can mix and create tracks on your computer.

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  • 55 W/ 60 W Mixer
  • 22 channels
  • 18 mic/line and 4 stereo inputs
  • Digital USB 2.0 Audio Interface
  • 11-band equalizer and OLED display


Model/Product no.: DYN-CMS-2200-3
EAN: 8717332821020
Type Mixer


Short Description: CMS 2200-3, 100-240V, 18 Mic/Line + 4 Mic/Stereo Line Channels, 6 x AUX, Dual 24 bit Stereo Effects, USB-Audio Interface
Power Consumption (without lamp / with lamp): 55 W / 60 W
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm: 818.5 x 155.0 x 498.5
Weight: 14.5 kg
Optional Accessories: Dust Cover for CMS 2200 - - DC-SH2200-3
Optional Accessories: Gooseneck Lamp, 12V/5W, 12", XLR 4 pol. DC-LITLITE-4P
Optional Accessories: FS 11 (Footswitch with LED) DC-FS11