Neon Gaffa Tape 19 mm x 25 m

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Neon Gaffa Tape 19 mm x 25 meter

Strong gaffa tape in 4 different neon colours. The tape has a width of 19 mm and a length of 25 meters.

The tape lights up brightly under illumination with uv light, and as the neon tape can be written on with a CD marker or marker pen, you can also use the tape for marking equipment such as a flight case, rack case and for marking cables.

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GTIN: 4026397579567


Carrier: PE-coated cloth
Thickness: 0.19 mm
Total-Thickness: 0,28 mm
Length: 25 m
Width: 19 mm
Adhesive-base: rubber
Peel adhesion: 5 N/cm
Shear adhesion: 6 h/23C
Unwind resistance: 3 N/cm
Tensile strength: 48 N/cm
Elongation: 10 %
Temperature-resistance: - 35 C up to + 80 C
UV-resistance: limited
Weather-resistance: good
Core diameter: 76 mm
Storage life: 24 months (- 18C/55% RF)