Roland "Nickel" Instrument Cable 6.3mm Jack mono to 6.3mm Angle Jack mono

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€ 8,82 (Incl. VAT)
  • 1,5 meter

    Model/Product no.: RIC-B5A

    € 8,82

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  • 3 meter

    Model/Product no.: RIC-B10A

    € 11,37

  • 4,5 meter

    Model/Product no.: RIC-B15A

    € 13,93

  • 6 meter

    Model/Product no.: RIC-B20A

    € 16,48

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  • Solid 1/4-inch connectors
  • High-density spiral copper-shielding
  • Low impedance design ensures full frequency response and dynamic response
  • Lifetime warranty


Roland's black Series instrument cables are professional cables. Roland's multi-strand, oxygen-free copper conductor cable conveys your instrument's true tone while high-density spiral shielding eliminates unnecessary noise. Featuring high-quality connectors and low impedance design, these rugged cables give you a clean, natural and accurate sound wherever you play.