Cobra DMX Cable XLR Male 3 Pin to XLR Female 3 Pin

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DMX cables

The DMX cables are used for light control and are available in several lengths. The DMX cables are in a soft quality, which makes them easy to work with. 

The cables are fitted with three-pin metal XLR connectors, all of which have a lifetime warranty. See also our range of XLR cables

All cables are fitted with a Velcro strap* which makes the cables quick and easy to assemble and pack up and down without tangles.

* 0.5 meters DMX cables are supplied without cable strap


Quality DMX cables for lighting control (typically via a dmx controller) - available in several lengths.
Good quality DMX cables are the alpha omega when it comes to lighting control.
Many people often make the mistake of buying XLR cables instead, however, this can often mean that the lighting control does not work.
With a DMX cable you can be sure that the cable is 110 ohm
Flexible DMX cable fitted with three-pin XLR connector


Pricematch and safe delivery

€ 4,98
  • 1 meter

    Model/Product no.: DMX0-01

    € 4,98

  • 6 meter

    Model/Product no.: DMX0-06

    € 10,10

  • 20 meter

    Model/Product no.: DMX0-20

    € 24,15

  • 30 meter

    Model/Product no.: DMX0-30

    € 30,54

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