UV ink for clothing

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UV ink for clothing

These UV inkers make it much easier to be creative with uv color on your clothes and other textiles! Write, draw and paint with the uv markers without the pigs and hassle of cleaning brushes afterwards. The inks come in 4 cool colours that have a bright neon colour under normal daylight and as soon as they come into contact with UV lighting they light up in beautiful UV colours.

How to use the uv markers

The inks can be used on many different types of fabrics including; cotton, batiste, linen, silk and mixed fabrics. When you have finished painting or drawing on your clothes with uv tussen make sure the ink is completely dry before you iron the pattern on the back. By ironing it on the reverse side you ensure that it lasts much longer. The ink will not come off the garment again and can be washed in the washing machine up to 60 degrees.

How many UV inks do I need?

Obviously it depends on how much you want to decorate, but as a rule of thumb say one ink for one t-shirt.


UV ink


... well, according to the new Danish dictionary, you can spell a marker as a tus, and thus you can also call it a uv marker, or if you want to be completely correct, an ultraviolet marker, since uv is an abbreviation of ultraviolet, and then you can also hear the term uv speedmarker, uv marker or uv spray pen



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