UV paint, 250 ml

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Fluorescent Paint, 250 ml

  • 250 ml bottle.
  • 7 different colours.
  • Lights up under UV light.
  • For use on cardboard, wood, plaster etc.


Fluorescent paint is available in yellow, red, blue, green, orange, pink and white in 250 ml bottles.
Can be finished with varnish to make the item suitable for outdoor use.

Activated by UV light

Fluorescent paint, also called UV paint, works by brightening up strongly when illuminated with UV light (black light).

Fluorescent paint is useful for cardboard, paper, plaster, wood, various craft materials and other "ordinary" surfaces. However, not on hard and smooth surfaces such as metal and the like, as the paint does not adhere to these types of surfaces.

DO NOT use this fluorescent uv paint for the body or on the face
, as the paint is not applicable on the skin and may cause rashes.

This type of uv paint can also be used to paint colorful paintings on canvas.

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  • 250 ml bottle.
  • 7 different colours.
  • Lights up under UV illumination.
  • Used on cardboard, wood, plaster etc.


What is UV paint?

UV paint is fluorescent paint that glows brightly in the dark under UV light, also called black light. UV paints are available in different colours and variants, which can be used on materials such as paper, wood, walls or clothing(UV Fabric Paints). However, it is not recommended to use UV paint on glossy/smooth surfaces such as metal or plastic as you will not achieve the same effect.

UV paints can also be used for the body and face with UV Body Paint or UV Face Paint, which washes off easily with soap and water. It is important to use these products if the UV paint is to be used on the body/face as other types of UV paint can cause a rash on the skin.

What is the difference between UV paint and luminous paint?

The main difference between UV paint and luminous paint is the way you activate the light effect of the paint. UV paints require UV lighting/black light, while luminous paints activate the light themselves as long as you are in the dark. Hence the name "Glow in the dark".


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