Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

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Yamaha DTXM12


All-in-one percussion instrument! 

For all levels, all genres and all situations! - The most advanced all-in-one percussion instrument suitable for everyone from beginner to professional and for all styles and situations.

The DTX-MULTI 12 is equipped with 12 pads that are easy to use - even on a dark stage. You can use the DTX-MULTI 12 in a variety of ways; for example, as a percussion pad with acoustic drums or as an extra spice with a variety of sounds for almost any kind of music. 
Or how about using it as an "input-device" for a computer with the included Cubase AI5, so you can program drums with the stylus instead of the mouse? 
If you plug in the bass drum pedal, you have a completely compact drum kit! 

In addition to the many sounds from our world-famous MOTIF series of synthesizers, the DTX-MULTI 12 also features many new percussion sounds, recorded with Yamaha's advanced sampling techniques - a total of 1277 built-in sounds! The DTX-MULTI 12 also features sounds for DJ use, a wide range of percussion, chromatic percussion, folk and acoustic instruments. 
You can also import your own WAV and AIFF files from USB memory. DTX-MULTI 12 can thus act as a sample playback device with 64MB Flash ROM. Add to this a great reverb, chorus and other effects that can also be used on entire drum kits.

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Model/Product no.: DTXM12
EAN: 4957812459532



Dimensions Width 345mm
Height 96mm
Depth 319mm
Weight Weight 3.3kg

Pad section

Built-in pads 12
External inputs 5 (three-zone x 1; monaural x 4)

Tone generator

Maximum Polyphony 64 notes


Sound Drum and percussion: 1,061 Keyboard: 216

Sound generator

Effects Variation x 42 types; Chorus x 6 types; Reverb x 6 types: 5-band master equalizer

Tone generator

Drum kits Preset: 50 User-defined: 200
Wave memory 100 MB (16-bit linear conversion)


Note Resolution Quarter note / 480
Patterns Preset patterns: 128 phrases (including 3 demo patterns) User-defined patterns: 50 phrases
Sequence formats Proprietary SMF Format 0 (for loading only)
Sequence capacity 152,000 notes
Recording method Real-time overdubbing


Readable quantity 500
Bit depth 16 bit
Wave memory 64 MB
Maximum size Mono sample: 2 MB Stereo sample: 4 MB
Sample formats Proprietary, WAV, and AIFF


Display Backlit LCD with 2 rows of 16 characters
Connectors PAD (13) jack (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = rim switch) PAD (14)/(15) and PAD (16)/(17) jacks (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = trigger) HI-HAT CONTROL jack (standard stereo-phone plug) FOOT SW jack (standard stereo-phone plug) OUTPUT L/MONO and R jacks (standard phone plugs) PHONES jack (standard stereo-phone plug), AUX IN jack (standard stereo-phone plug), MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB TO HOST port, USB TO DEVICE port, and DC IN.
Power Consumption 9W (DTXM12 and PA-5D adaptor)
Package Contents Power adaptor (PA-5D or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha), Owner's Manual , Data List booklet, DVD-ROM (Cubase AI5)

Trigger section

Pad functions Increment or decrement of drum kit, pattern, or tempo; tap tempo; switching on or off of click-track; transmission of control change messages


Tempo 30 to 300 BPM. Tap tempo functionality
Beats 1/4 - 16/4, 1/8 - 16/8, 1/16 - 16/16
Note timing Accent notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, triplets