Zoom H5 Recorder

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Zoom H5 Recorder


Zoom TheH5 is practically a small mobile recording studio at a price everyone can afford. The H5 can record in superb quality - up to 96 kHz / 24 bit, directly to SD, SDHC or SDXC cards. BWF compatible WAV or various MP3 formats
With the H5 it is possible to connect 2 external microphones to the recorder via XLR/TRS input. The possibilities are many, and with H5 + microphones it is possible to record a whole drum kit in album-worthy quality.

But this recorder gets you great recordings in super sound quality, so a clear recommendation from us.


What can the Zoom H5 do?


  • Possibility of 4 inputs and interchangeable microphone modules.
  • Zoom The H5 recorder is delivered incl. X/Y microphones with great stereo depth and clarity
  • Two XLR/TRS inputs for external microphones/line signals with +12, +24, or +48 volt phantom power
  • Gain controller with knobs and -20db pad per channel. 
  • Also functions as multi-channel USB audio interface.
  • Over 15 hours drift with 4 AA batteries
  • Supports SDXC memory cards up to 32GB
  • Zoom H5 has built-in effects like low-cut filter, compressor and limiter
  • Built-in metronome and chromatic tuner
  • Optional accessories: Zoom H5 accessories can be purchased: Shotgun microphone (SGH-6), external 2 x XLR/TRS inputs ( EXH-6), Hot Shoe Mount for mounting the H6 on a DSLR camcorder
  • Dimensions H5: 66.8 x 135.2 x 42.1 mm
  • Dimensions XYH-5 microphone: 66 x 82 x 41 mm
  • Dimensions H5 with XYH-5 mounted: 66.8 x 217.2 x 42.1 mm
  • Weight is 176 g without battery
  • It is easy to operate and manual is included with purchase. 
  • Supplied with: XYH-5 stereo microphone capsule, 2x AA batteries, USB cable, windscreen, storage case, Cubase LE and WaveLav LE (download)




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Model/Product no.: ZOOMH5
EAN: 4515260013210


Recording media:

SD card: 16MB to 2GB , SDHC card: 4GB to 32GB


Backlit LCD (128 x 64 pixels)

INPUTS L/R [XYH-5 X/Y mic]:

Mic type:   Unidirectional
Sensitivity:   -45 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa  
Input gain:   - to 52 dB                                  
Max sound pressure input: 140 dB SPL


Connector:   1/8" stereo mini jack
Input gain:  - to 52 dB
Input impedance:  2 k or more
Plug-in power:  2.5V supported
Backup recording: -12dB lower than set L/R input gain


Connectors:     XLR / TRS combo jacks
      (XLR: Pin 2 hot / TRS: Tip hot)
Input gain (PAD OFF): - to 55.0 dB 
Input gain (PAD ON): - to 35.0 dB
Input impedance:  1.8 k or more
Max input level:  +22 dBu (PAD ON)
Phantom power:  +12V /+24V /+48V
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): -120 dBu or less


Connector:     1/8" stereo mini jack
Rated output level:   -10 dBm
Output load impedance: 10k or more


Connector:     1/8" stereo mini jack
Output Level:     20 W +20 W into 32  load

Built-in speaker:

400mw 8  mono


WAV (BWF-compliant)  
Sampling frequency:   44.1/48/96 kHz
Bit rate:     16/24 (Stereo)
Maximum simultaneous recording tracks: 2

Sampling frequency:  44.1kHz
Bit rate: 48/56/64/80/96/112/32/160/192/224/256/320kbps


WAV (BWF-compliant)  
Sampling frequency: 44.1/48 kHz
Bit rate: 16/24 (Mono/Stereo)
Maximum simultaneous recording tracks: 6 (L/R + INPUT 1/2 + L/R backup)

Mass Storage Class operation:

Class: USB 2.0 High Speed

Audio Interface operation: Multitrack mode:

Class: USB 2.0 High Speed
Sampling frequency: 44.1/48kHz
Bit rate: 16/24 bit 
Inputs / Outputs: 4 / 2

Audio Interface operation: Stereo mode:

Class: USB 2.0 Full Speed
Sampling frequency: 44.1/48kHz
Bit rate:  16 bit
Inputs / Outputs: 2 / 2

USB bus powered operation  possible
(iPad operation supported in Stereo mode only)


AA size (LR6) battery x 2
AC adapter: AD-17 (DC5V/1A/USB-type) (optional)
USB bus power