Roland BT-1 trigger pad

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Roland BT-1 trigger pad


The compact and affordable BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad makes it easy to add digital triggering to any drum kit. But a curved edge that fits the side of a V-Drums V-Pad or acoustic drum delivers the BT-1 a smart access point without disrupting your existing kit layout.


The BT-1 is perfect for not only playing sounds from a V-Drums module or SPD-series percussion pad, but also for smart control over a wide range of functions like starting/stopping backing vocals and phrase loops, and more.



  • Compact and reliable single-trigger pad 
  • Curved shape for attachment to V-Pad or acoustic drum 
  • Quick and easy attachment via a standard drum nut; clamping hardware for standard drum screws included
  • Internal design eliminates false triggering when playing on surrounding drums and/or pads 
  • Use with a V-Drums module or SPD series percussion pad and trigger sounds and controls like start/stop of backing vocals and phrase loops, effecter on/off, set selection, tap tempo and more
  • Perfect way to add digital triggering to any acoustic kit or additional triggering to a set of V-Drums

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  • Trigger pad that makes it easy to add digital triggering to any drum kit.


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