Car stereo

Your car stereo is the center of the car and where most attention is paid to your passengers. It's the brain of the car. Below you'll find our selection of different car stereos for every taste and every car.

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How do you shop for car stereos?

In our selection you will find car stereos with different features:

  • CD player
  • One or more USB inputs
  • Possibility of Bluetooth
  • Touch screen
  • Compatibility with various smarthpone devices

Before you get distracted by the many options and models available, the most important thing is to find out what's right for your car. If you can't find your car type or model, give us a call or drop us a line and we'll guide you to the right car stereo.

Types of car stereos

Let's talk about the 4 typical types of car stereos to start with. They are also categorized by popularity.

CD receivers

The old and classic car stereo. It plays CDs and typically has an AUX output (minijack) and sometimes a USB input. Many of them also have Bluetooth options today, but without touchscreens.

DVD receivers

DVD rece ivers typically have a screen, which is often almost like a touchscreen. A touchscreen that can control your stereo, which makes it super much easier to make settings and control sound etc. And yes, it can also play CDs. They typically have a double-DIN size, but there are also some small 2" tall models, where the screen is of course also significantly smaller. Some also have fold-out screens. These car stereos typically have many more features and come with Android Auto or Apple Carplay .

GPS receivers

GPS stereo is typically a car stereo with a built-in GPS and typically also comes with a slightly larger screen. Most will also be able to take DVDs.

Digital receivers and multimedia receivers

These car stereos are designed for people who no longer listen to music on CDs - which is most people. They do everything the other car stereos above do, but without the disc space. Because the disc space has been removed, there's room for more screen and less of the extraneous elements. We define the difference between digital and multimedia receivers as that the multimedia receiver can typically play video, whereas a digital receiver does not necessarily.

The most important elements

There are many ways to shop for a new car stereo. We've tried to group the most important elements for you below so you know where to start:

Apple CarPlay Android and Android Auto

One of the most popular and important features today is the connection between your smartphone and your car stereo. The two most popular ways to connect your phone to your car are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So if you're looking for a must-have feature, these two elements are very important and typically have more to offer than the built-in car stereo in your car. Although there are some really cool standard car stereo systems in e.g. BMW and Mercedes. You also see more and more car brands adding Apple CarPlay to their cars as standard.

Bluetooth car stereo

Bluetooth should be a top priority for you. It's important for your friends and family in the car to be able to connect via bluetooth. You'll also be able to answer your phone hands-free, which is important in today's world.

Touchscreen radio

If you want a touchscreen, this is where you need to start. A general touchscreen will give you a lot of freedom that you can enjoy on your road trip.

Model specific car stereos

Special car stereos are made for virtually all car makes and models. You can find them here. Whether you're building an old vintage or a modern car, you can find them here with us.